k2 Superstitious

A Review On: 2012 K2 Superstitious

2012 K2 Superstitious

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Edge Grip
Mag-e Ski
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Pros: Short turns, energy

Cons: Overall adaptability

Ski: K2 Superstitious
Dimensions: SuperModels
Tested Length: 128/84/112
Turn Radius: 14 meters
Price w/binding: $949.99


The Good: Short turns, energy
The Bad: Overall adaptability


Verdict: Lauded for its versatility and energy, the K2 Superstitious was called by one tester, “A performance ski for performance skiers.” It made short swing turns with an abundance of rebound, especially in the fall-line. Trying to ride it in big sweeping arcs played against its strength, which is carving up the slope.


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