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2012 Head MYA N*8 Reviews

Mag-e Ski

Head Mya No. 8


Pros: Stability, long turns

Cons: Initiation and forgiveness

Ski: Head Mya No. 8 Dimensions: 128/84/112 Tested Length: 163 Turn Radius: 15.4 meters Price w/binding: $940.00   The Good: Stability, long turns The Bad: Initiation and forgiveness   Verdict: “Beautiful performance at high speed,” and “Beauty and performance truly exist,” were among the tester’s comments for the Mya No. 8, which got across the board high marks for its stability and edge grip. Try to push it outside of its turn radius into a quicker pace, and it doesn’t feel as fresh. Ski this fast, though, and it gives a remarkable amount of energy back.