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2012 Head i.Peak78 PR Pro


Pros: Edge grip, stability, price

Cons: a little heavy ?

bought these new very cheap in 171cm length

me: 6ft1, 160lb expert skier on and off-piste


wanted a more versatile ski than my XRC1200's (more "all mountain" as far as east coast goes).


they do what I as expecting from them: offer stability (even at high speeds) with excellent grip on hard snow (ice, firm).  Haven't tried them in "powder", but I'm not expecting a lot of floatation.

Although wider than my XRC's (78 vs. 69mm underfoot), they are still fast enough to turn.

They seem to like bigger radius arcs, but small radius turns are also no problem.


What surprised me the most is that I'm much more centered on these skis than on the XRC's (binding position is more at the middle of the ski)


These are Heads, so overall feeling is very damp.


As mentionned, skis seem a bit heavy when transporting them, but the weight doesn't show on the snow.


I would recommend this ski as an advanced/expert east coast one quiver ski.


Pros: versatile, good edgehold, easy turning and very nimble.

Cons: gets a little nervous at very high speeds. prefers to be on edge

Bought this as an update to my progressor 800+'s and could not be happier.The soft shovel makes for very easy turn initiation, yet the edgehold is very good. I got the 177's and it is a perfect length for me. (6', 190lbs). The ski likes to turn and makes a variety of turns quite effortlessly. The shovel is somewhat soft so at times you feel like the ski is not going to engage but it does and the result is a very easy turning ski. I have only had it in medium sized bumps so far, but the ski, again, performs very well and provides a very comfy ride, with nowhere near the efffort I would need with my beloved speed coures's. I am guessing that they will be fun in the trees and in powder as well.  I would venture to guess that on true boilerplate, my Speed Course will still be my go to board, but for skiing here in the east, when conditions are decent, this is my new stick. Got them for a great price at level nine. My only complaint is that at very fast speeds on long runouts they do get a little nervous and prefer to be on edge rather than running straight, but as I get some days on them, I am sure I will adjust. very good versatile stick for a great price.

2012 Head i.Peak78 PR Pro

Feels at home on the slope, but its appetite for a good bowl of snow flakes is unmatched. Made for skiing experts who shake it like that: 50% deep snow, off-piste and 50% groomed slopes. Features Sandwich Construction and PowerRail Pro.

Lengths159 / 165 / 171 / 177 / 183
Turn Radius14.6M @ 171
Core Material
Binding System
Recommended Binding124/78/110
Recommended useGroomed
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2012
Binding Included
Binding Type
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › All-Mountain Skis › 2012 Head i.Peak78 PR Pro