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2012 Fischer SOMA Vacuum Trinity 110


Pros: With a good fitter and custom insole they fit

Cons: they are cold, buckles came loose at first.

I had an excellent boot fitter do these boots for me and make me new petersen foot beds at the time.  The fit and performance over the course of last season was very good.  I have two toes that often hurt when I'm skiing and they still did in these (in the boots 8 hours a day) but I don't believe it's boot related but a foot issue.  I have a bunion that had a foam 1/4" sticky put around it while they vacuum fit them, I had mine fit to a performance fit but when dialing the pressure in as I didn't have any it was increased to the bottom tier race fit.  There was a toe cup place around my toes so they have breathing room.  The foot bed and alignment were all checked by a trusted expert boot fitter and he did a great job.  I had no need to have them refitted though I was told I could have it done up to 5 times.

My only dilema with these (i liked they were lighter) was the buckles came loose and you need a special fishcher key to fit the bolt to tighten them and the fellow forgot to give me the spare parts out of the box  which inluded this so when my first buckle came loose a ski shop put a different screw in as no allan key or screw driver fit the fishcher screw.  When the second one came loose I made it back to the fishcher store and they gave me the tools and parts from another box and after that I could tighten them all down and none came loose again.

This year I put a heater in them as my feet froze so bad on minus 20 Celcius days and below, I put on my old boots to teach in after 2 hours of cold.  I tried them out with the heaters this year and I love them with the heaters in.  They felt comfy and toasty all day for me.   They are not comfy to just walk around in, too much forward lean, but they are very comfortable when I'm actually skiing and in ski position.  These are not a casual fit comfy boot, they are a performance boot and I'm pleased with the fit for holding my foot in the boot, no slippage, good heel fit and good fit around my heel to calf area and good feeling through the boot of the ski dynamic.  I'm happy with the purchase, but for a 5 I would want the buckle issue and cold issue solved.  The plastic cuff also is shaped funny from the heat up process but as the fit is so good we left the funny shape where the buckles pinched the plastic a little on the heat up process.

2012 Fischer SOMA Vacuum Trinity 110

Top performance with a comfortable fit. Absolute precision, forgiving, thanks to VACU-PLAST energy-saving through 15 % less weight and higher elasticity. SOMA-TEC for maximum edge grip and perfect control with low energy requirement. H.I.P.E. for excellent warmth insulation and improved fit. With Racing Canting, Adjustable Spoiler, Pull Straps and Rapid Slide System. Available in sizes 23.5 - 27.5

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