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2012 Fischer SOMA Vacuum 110


Pros: fits my triangular feed: skinny heel, wide toe box, meaty calves

Cons: expensive, cold, the 110 is too flexible for me

this boot is great, and really the first boot that's fit me well in a long time. i would buy it again (or 2012/13's ranger model), and i would recommend it to friends who have fit problems. i'm able to leave the boot buckled all day without a hitch - a good sign.


that said, it still feels like new technology and isn't without it's issues. it took a few fittings to get the right fit, and with my wide feet, i had to get a different (wider) liner. the boot is cold - especially when surrounded with fresh powder on a cold day. and i definitely would have preferred the stiffer flex. the 110 is much too soft for my style of skiing.


if you're considering this boot, next year will likely be an improvement, however i am very pleased with this fit, and would recommend this first year's model if you're looking for something now.


Pros: Fits my skinny heel, ankle, lower leg and my high instep, normal width forefoot.

Cons: The liner packs out, no pro deal from the shop.

I had three days to get new boots before starting the ski season.  My feet were in more boots than I care to remember trying to find something that was comfortable and close fitting to my feet.  The Vacuum 110 was one of about 3 or 4 choices that were a reasonable fit out of the box, but since my feet are between sizes I can choose lots of initial boot work or comfort with too large of a shell after the liners pack out.  I bought the Vacuum 110  on Tuesday and wore them all day Wednesday on Ski Patrol.  I have never before been able to wear a new (well fitted) boot for a whole day without removing it, at least for lunch.  


I've skied in them 20 of the last 26 days so far and the liners are beginning to pack out.  I expected that would happen, so I had the shells initially formed at 240 PSI (low end of the pressure range) expecting to reform them once the liners finish packing down.  I have also found a couple burs in the plastic where they were apparently banged into other boots on the boot dryer in the locker room.  So I don't know how how durable the plastic will be compared to conventional boot plastics.  


One of the slickest things for me, about the boot is that the cuff both shrank to the my lower leg and formed to its shape and angle from my feet.  These babies sit flat on the snow for me without any need to align the cuff or grind for canting!  Just heat form the boot, wait the required 24 hours for them to cool and go ski!

2012 Fischer SOMA Vacuum 110

All Mountain performance boot with VACUUM FIT technology for the best possible fit. Absolute precision but forgiving nevertheless. With VACU-PLAST for more rebound through higher elasticity. SOMA-TEC for maximum edge grip and perfect control with low energy requirement. H.I.P.E. for excellent warmth insulation and improved fit. Available in sizes 25.5 - 29.5

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