Fischer Motive 80 Powerrail

A Review On: 2012 Fischer Motive 80 Powerrail

2012 Fischer Motive 80 Powerrail

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Mag-e Ski
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Pros: Good transition in long and medium turns

Cons: Short Turns

Ski: Fischer Motive 80 Powerrail
Dimensions: 122/80/110
Tested Length: 182
Turn Radius: 18 meters
Price w/binding: $1,375


The Good: Good transition in long and medium turns
The Bad: Short turns


Verdict: The Powerrail’s strongest performance came in medium to long radius turns where it would hold a steady, predictable turn shape. Move too quickly into short turns, however, or quick transitions, and it didn’t feel nearly as satisfying as it did grabbing a wide arc.


I own the 2012 Motive 80 C-Line and they are awesome on short radius turns and on ice they hold a edge like no other.
what length do you have? I just picked up a pair of 182cm's for a song and am eager to compare them to my motove 84's