Elan Amphibio Waveflex 82 Xti

A Review On: 2012 Elan Amphibio WaveFlex 82 XTI

2012 Elan Amphibio WaveFlex 82 XTI

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Edge Grip
Mag-e Ski
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Pros: Initiation, edge grip

Cons: Long turns, energy

Ski: Elan Amphibio Waveflex 82 Xti
Dimensions: 128/82/109
Tested Length: 176
Turn Radius: 17.4 meters
Price w/binding: $999.00


The Good: Initiation, edge grip
The Bad: Long turns, energy


Verdict: The amphibio technology that is the main feature of this ski—which uses an asymmetrical design with rocker on the inside edge of the shovel, and traditional camber on the outside—makes it remarkably easy to turn at slow and moderate speeds. Go a little faster though, and the chatter picks up. Good on-piste performer.

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Skied these a couple days ago while shopping for a nice hardpack slayer. Favorite yet as the ski has great edge control and respectably quick speed. Found a little chatter at higher speed, but a great ski nonetheless. Will be demoing the Head Titan next time, but have inten to buy a Stockli Laser later this season.