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2012 Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer Ski

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #49 in Freeride Skis


Pros: This ski is strong everywhere

I recently took a trip to Purgatory in Durango, CO with my girlfriend the snowboarder (don't judge duel.gif)  and had a great day riding powder while it continued to snow.  She informed me later over a beer that she wanted to ski the next day so she could keep up.  So I went upstairs to see the boys at Expert Edge and demoed two pairs of Dynastar 6th Sense Slicers on their recommendation.  We spent the next day skiing everything from moguls to powder to groomers and we found that these skis perform everywhere!  We are both Type III skiers (she is much better than me, but don't tell her I said that) and enjoy challenging ourselves every trip.  We mostly ski twice a week on our days off.  She skied the 161 and I the 175( I am 5'10 / 165lbs).  The first trip down we took it easy (her first day on skis this season) and took a Blue that traverses the mountain so we could get to chair 8 where the steep stuff is.  I noticed immediately that the 98mm waist gave me no trouble edge to edge and was surprisingly quick on the groomed catwalk/run.  From chair 8 we took a mogul run that is directly below the lift and has a couple of benches that had some pretty nice powder on the way down.  The first thing I noticed when I dropped into my first mogul run was these skis seemed to read my mind.  If I thought about changing my line the skis were already ahead of me.....they really felt like they had a mind of their own and wanted to get to bottom as quickly as possible.  In the powder between bump runs those twin tip rockers really started to shine!!!!  While the Slicer is a bit hard on the thighs in the bumps it is like a hot knife through butter in the powder!!!!  I experimented a bit and shifted my weight forward over my toes and back on my heels and found them extremely forgiving.  These skis aren't going to impress the super hard charging race ski lovers, but for the guy who likes to take one set to the mountain, ski everything on the mountain, and enjoy every minute?  PERFECT!  I've skied several "all mountain" skis and found that they all perform better in one area than the other.  Not the slicer, it is a true 50/50 ski that does much better than average  on and off piste.  


Disclosure:  I will be ordering a set ASAP!!!!

2012 Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer Ski

DESCRIPTION The Slicer is a rockered all mountain twin tip that delivers an amazing all mountain experience. High rocker in the tip and tail enhance maneuverability and deep-snow flotation, while a go-anywhere 98mm waist and traditional camber in the mid-body handle predictable steering and stability. Charging all-mountain twin tip skiers will rip through powder, crud and bumps; and have ultimate control in the park and on groomers on the Slicer. 70% un-groomed / 30% groomed MAIN TECHNOLOGY TWIN TIP ROCKER Long, progressive rockers in the tip and tail, with a more radical height. The supporting length is reduced to the max, allowing exceptional pivoting of the T win Tip skis. Since the tip and tail of the skis are freed, they pivot effortlessly in all types of snow. Flotation is easier, and even possible in switch. Ideal for powder skiing, especially in the woods.Once back on the trail, this ski's natural camber and the Rocker's progressiveness guarantee excellent All Mountain performance. OTHER TECHNOLOGIES SPRING BLADE A machined wood core of varying thickness and the layering of the different fiber layers with different lengths offer extraordinary flex. This gives the ski awesome energy for jumping (pop effect) and great shock absorption when landing. Strongpoints: This technology, when combined with specific sidecuts, offers riders the ideal mix for freestyle in both park & pipe and also in the backcountry. WOOD FIBER CORE Traditional sandwich technology with a wood and fiberglass core, giving the ski enormous fluidity and responsiveness. The absence of titanal sheets reduces weight significantly. The straight sidewalls ensure precise, effective transmission of the skier's movements

Turn Radius23M
ConstructionRocker tip & tail
Core MaterialWood Fiber
Binding SystemFlat
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseAll mountain/powder
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2012
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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