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A Review On: 2012 DNA Giga M Jacket

2012 DNA Giga M Jacket

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Nice looking jacket for sure with a bunch of very nice features. Makes me want one too. Can't get by the price point. But in fairness you get what you pay for. Price of the jacket covers another plane ticket west, that's the problem of a commuting skier, we spend too much on travel, leaving less for looking good when we get there! Enjoy.
Check Sierra Trading Post. They have this jacket and if you hold off for a sale (i.e. 35% or more off), you can get it at a much better price. I almost bought this jacket for my teenage son, but opted for something a bit more flashy :-)
Here is a link that will get you $10 off at STP while you're at it...
I just saw this jacket in size M for over half off list at STP (see link above)
looks like a referral link, mods...
I skied this jacket with another variation of this jacket today in RED noise and like all other DNA products it performed admirably. Temps were in the 30's but 40MPH winds and while I was wearing just a Patagonia R4, I was completely warm and comfortable.