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A Review On: 2012 Blizzard Bonafide Ski

2012 Blizzard Bonafide Ski

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Pros: stable, fast, comfortable, forgiving, all mountain

Cons: not sure I have found any yet

Amazing performers. Best ski I have ever had.

I got these to be all mountain skis and after fours days in CO they sure seem to be. No real powder yet, so jury out on that.  The Boners comfortable under foot while you wait and wait in the lines, smooth and easy as pie to turn on the mild groomers (what isn't) with just a slight twist of the ankle. Then as the slop gets stepper a dream to turn or run fast. Next, and this blew me away, was when you hit the skied off (should I say snow board plowed) steep slopes they really can bite if you do two things. First get a good way over on the edges, nothing the weird thing. put you wieght over your heal, no don't lean back, and the ski cuts beautifully. True big turns with some vertical slide but confidence on the ice like I have never had.


Trees: my favorite. Here I cheat. I am 170lbs running on 173mm. So turns come, but a wee bit of jump, or quick ankle twist needed in the tight spots. So many rocks and logs this trip I made a right mess of the skis bases, but they keep be alive!


Can't wait to hit some powder deeper than 6".


So glad I listen to guys like Philpug and bought the Bones; day be my best buds now!


Cheers to all; Go get a pair!!!!


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