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2012 Blizzard Black Pearl Ski

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Thanks for putting your review up, Trekchick. I am going to feature it on the home page.
Glad we are bringing this model in this Fall at Snowind Sports! The men's versions have also had stellar reviews! Blizzard is definitely on a roll! Thanks Tricia for skiing as many days as you do just to tests skis and boots, you are a real trooper ;)
I was so lucky that Trekchick brought these to Abasin during the gathering. I've been looking for a new all mountain ski, having skied the K2 Tough Luv the last two seasons. I had demoed the Nordica Nemesis for 3 days (1 @ Vail & 2 @ Aspen Highlands) and they were just too stiff for for me.
Trekchick said I would LOVE the Black Pearls and she couldn't be more accurate with her review. The day at Abasin had soft, crud, re-freese, bumps, trees, cornice, groomed and these skis tackled it all! Yes, I pre-pruchased them! Lookling forward to rippin' it up next season! Rawr!
!!! Didn't know anything about these skis....they're now on the list :)
Thanks for letting me demo your pair today, they were very playful in the spring slush! No complaints here :)