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2012 Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Ski


Pros: Great in powder and good on piste

Cons: Hates ice and doesn't turn quickly

Great ski to use if you are at a ski resort and there has been recent heavy snowfall. Great on piste and good off in all conditions, skis really float well on powder and especially on longer carved GS style turns. However if the snow is a bit thin from high use and there hasn't been much snow and things get icy as can happen in Europe or Eastern North America the ski really suffers from a lack of bite on very icy piste. With the weight and long turn style in those conditions you'd better off with a lighter and more nimble piste specific ski.

In short, a great ski but coould be lighter. Use it for its designed purpose.


Pros: Fast, great edge hold, easy turning, more forgiving

Cons: yes, it's heavy, when you carry it...

This ski is variously described in reviews on the net as suitable for "advanced/expert," "advanced," and "intermediate."  As a very definite intermediate, I was a little worried, but given some reassurance from helpful people on this forum, went ahead and bought them.


I'm 53, 6 ft, 215 lbs.  The skis are 174cm, chosen based on a relatively sedate style and mostly skiing hard snow.  I had these skis out on hard-pack, scraped off ice, and 10-12 inches of fresh snow.   They handled all of it, at least to the limits of my ability to drive them.    The ice was their weakest point, but that's in comparison to a 68mm-waist Volkl carver w. no rocker at all.  Relative to the carvers, the Blackeyes were noticeably slower to start turning as you tip them on edge, but I can't tell if that's the early rise or the difference in width.


On these skis, I was comfortable going much faster than on the (shorter, softer) skis I learned on and still use on small hills and hard snow.  The early-rise tip makes them much easier to turn, side-slip or skid, and much more forgiving, than my previous experiment with "all mountain" skis, which was the Volkl AC30.   Fully cambered, stiff, stable, and really fast, they don't like low speeds, wobbly balance, or sloppy turns.  You still don't want to get too much in the back seat on the blackeyes, but they are significantly more tolerant.


Bottom line:  if you're an intermediate looking to improve, skiing primarily hard snow up to a few inches of fresh or chopped-up snow, and you have the heft to bend them, these are a great choice.

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2012 Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Ski

Unchanged from 2011 except the graphics. The Blackeye Ti, featuring a modest 82 mm waist width, combines smoothness on piste with sufficient float in soft snow. The Step Down Sidewall and combination of wood core and titanium ensure superb stability and unrivalled performance. Thanks to the Adaptive Camber, the Blackeye Ti boasts easy and uncomplicated handling when the skis are flat based on the slope. At the same time it delivers the entire effective edge length when set on edge, providing optimum edge grip.

Lengths160,167,174, 181
Dimensions82mm waist all lengths
Turn Radius15.5m @ 167cm
ConstructionStep-down sidewall
Core MaterialWoodcore with titanium layer
Binding SystemXTO 12
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll-mountain
Sidecut123./82/108.5 (167cm)
Recommended LevelIntermediate
Model Year2012
Binding Type
Recommended Binding
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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