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2012 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski


Pros: Massive float, maneuverable, Atomic Quality

Cons: Topsheet is a little busy, weak in REAL crud.

Skier stats:


Age: 37

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 220 (muscular)


Area/conditions tested: Mt Hood Meadows, and Mt Hood Ski Bowl. Dust on crust, wind effected pow, knee deep blower. Fresh, and tracked out Cascade Concrete.


Mounted on the Team Line



Previous pow ski's were the ON3P Caylor. I was looking for a pow ski with a smaller turn radius, and I had some store credit. So these were snatched up.


First time on them Iined up for first chair on a decent powder day. As I usually do, I take it easy on my first run on a new pow ski so I can get a feeling of how the ski's react to input from the user. Off a cat track in to about a 100 yard section of knee deep at a moderate angle, the first think I noticed is that these FLOAT, as a bigger dude, I never had ANY problems with tip dive. Even mounted as far forward as the team line. though I am used to this kind of mount.


I popped out on to the groom to run it out to the next chair. At higher speed the BC performed as expected from a 123mm waisted ski. Though very stable, and turned well when I wanted to. There is a bit of tip flap on harder snow, but not excessive. Certainly less than on the Atomic Blog. I highly enjoyed the rest of the day skiing tree's, open bowls. The snow was a little lighter than we usually get, skied out pow was not a problem. The nose of the BC slices through. I never felt really tossed around. I am used to the stable ride of ON3P ski's, and was worried the BC would be lacking. But it never was.


I skied one stormy, windy night where the snow was soft but compacted. I spent most of the night skiing fast on her snow. The BC charges hard enough for me.


Yesterday was fresh Cascade Concrete. The bent chetler still killed it. Floated well, never got bogged down, straightlined chop, was nimble in steep tree's.

2012 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski

Atomic's top-selling powder ski in two lengths for 2012, 183 and 912 cm. The second iteration of pro skier Chris Benchetler's namesake ski has a stiffer tail and is rockered to the widest part of the ski with full camber aft.

Lengths183, 192 cm.
Dimensions123 waist all lengths
Turn Radius19m @ 183
ConstructionStep-down sidewall
Core MaterialWoodcore
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseDeep powder, big lines
Recommended BindingN/A
Sidecut142/123/134 (183cm)
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2012
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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