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2011 Rossignol S7 Ski


Pros: super ski for all types of backcountry

Cons: not really made for riding switch

It's a great ski. Easy to handle. You can go with it on crud, powder and even on piste. It is a fabulous ski!!



I bought a pair of Rossi S7 with a Marker Baron early last week before I read this review from Zokinjo. There were plenty other comments making me think this is the right powder weapon for my quiver (besides Nordica Jet Fuel in 178 and an older Rossi Slalom Carver around 165cm). I'm a former ski-instructor, so technically still very fit, physically not so much anymore.
Only had a chance to test the S7 on hard pack and some softer spring type conditions later in the day. No powder here in the northern Alps last week  . I also directly compared it with my Nordica the same day.
I can share all of Zokinjo's comments about the S7s capabilities on-piste. I was positively surprised I have to admit, never thought you can even have fun with such a ski on groomers or real hard pack. I thought they are just good enough to somehow slide back to the next lift station.
However you need to know how to go from edge to edge and hold them there (basically know how to have fun on slalom carvers as Zokinjo said), which is not as easy as with smaller skis, especially to hold them on the edge requires more power than on smaller skis (but that is not a surprise) and it takes more time to change form edge to edge. The surprise is that in soft on-piste conditions this works extremely well and I would use this ski only in soft conditions when there are enough options to go off-piste. The 18m radius really is big fun and people almost don’t believe that you can ride this like a classical carver when they see you coming down the slope.
But even on hard pack if you invest the power you can carve though going high speed you feel that the available length (of edge) becomes a bit short and on steep slopes I experienced the chatter problem as well when trying to do short turns (so the option to avoid is going faster !  At least as long as my power reaches).
Hope I can test them in powder rather soon.
Also hope the sometimes offending communication in this thread is not what we have to read through regularly, but guess all has been said and debated in length, so don’t add more here.
Have fun!



Ski.   Rossignol S7, 188cm, 145-115-123, 17.5 TR, Tip and Tail rocker.  Bindings: Dynastar PX14 Race, DIN 5-14.


Skier Me:  Male, 68yrs young, 185lbs, Intermediate to Advanced Skier (ex-racer, ex-instructor, ex-a lot of things)


Skis Tuned as follows:   Measuring 15 in. back from tip - detuned (which is approx 3 in before rocker ends), tail is measured 12 in up from tail and detuned (also approx 3in before rocker ends_.  Conventional camber between these two points is 1 degree base and 2 degrees side bevel.  Wax Maplus Universal white, hot wax ironed, structured.


Day One:   Lookout Pass Ski resort, 10-12 inches of fresh really good powder - opening day.  Tested on the Montana Face (note I have never skied a rocker ski prior to this).  Took into an upper intermediate run with an easy runout to lodge.  Didn't really know what to expect so started sort of slowly and found out immediately that these skis respond right now.  Was very pleasantly suprised with the ease of turning and the apparent big sweet spot for my balance.  This was accentuated with this being my lst run of the year.


When in the powder these skis felt great, when connecting on the groomers (packed powder really nice snow) they sort of confused me, can't say they were bad or good.   Since the skis were on their lst day my impressions were 1)great in powder, turn with ease, stable and speed, fast or slow didn't seem to affect them at all.  Groomers would best be described as No Real Opinion Good or Bad.

Skied untracked powder and loved their ease to turn, stability and fun factor, also noted that any mistake by myself was quickly corrected thusly the ski's were very forgiving.


Day Two:   Lookout Pass, they opened the back side, about 10 in of good powder.  My 2nd day on skis and I started experimenting in the powder.   A) straight lining with small turns-excellent, precise, easy, forgiving and very natural to be centered on ski.  B) steeper pitches, easy to turn, can make very quick turns even in powder.   C) took them up to faster speeds and liked their performancek, no moveement of ski at all tracked very true.   Took up to higher speeds on groomers.   Once when leaning/inclination I fell on my side-big suprise guess I was leaning way too much.  Found that at high speeds they tracked great and I did stay on the outside ski pretty well, big super g turns were fine, medium GS turns good, smaller slalom turns amazingly good for this wide of a ski.


Day 3:    Skied some Closed  runs, areas in powder boot deep.   Skis performed very well, played GS in the stumps and tree tip tops, intermediate and black diamond area to the freeway and hitchhiked back to lifts/lodgre.  Skis were now getting a bit more familar and were answering my input very well,  tried a variety of "tip before you turn", ski closer together, on both skis equally and not so equal, lots of turn, not so many turns, pretty slow to fairly fast.  Skis answered all my input.  Absolutely no bad vibes from these skis in the powder.  Absolute the most fun powder run I have ever experienced - especially in NOVEMBER.  Staying off piste all day and skied untracked boot deep to the face at Lookout on the last run of the day and they worked really well in broken cut up junk. No deflection in crap powder.


Summary:   No tip dive ever.  Very predictable, no suprises, easy and fun to ski. Lively or as stable as the person on them wants to be when imparting energy to the skis. Probably the best accolades I can give these skis; I have never skied powder with this much confidence and fun.  All the reviews say "great in the trees", yes they are fantastic.  Ski the trees, look ahead and set up the place to turn etc., NO just GO and turn where ever and when ever you want to.  Too much fun.  We got trees in No. Idaho and boy these skis excel in the trees.


Thankyous:    Bushwacker for his Rocker Videos and statements.  Philpug and the Starthaus for the great price and good service.


Pros: easy turning super fun

Cons: non

Very easy ski,wicked fun I am going to ski this all the time everywhere.If you get the chance demo and spend.


Pros: Amazing flotation, effortlessly slices through crud and crust, carves well on ice and hardpack

Cons: none

 This ski blows my mind.  It's phenomenal in deep snow.  It floats almost immediately, even in light powder.  It also turns effortlessly in heavy or crusty snow.  But what amazes me the most is how well it performs where other powder skis fail.  It is still fun to ski on groomers and in bumps.  Of course, it's not as quick edge-to-edge as a narrower ski, but it's still pretty good.  Also, it carves well and holds an edge on steep, icy slopes.  I initially intended to use these on deep snow days, but have found them to be versatile enough for all conditions.  
2011 Rossignol S7 Ski

For Expert and aspiring expert skiers looking for the perfect powder and crud ski. The S7 has changed the way all skiers ski powder. It floats and turns better, skis easier, and is smoother and livelier thanks to its unique rocker design, called AmpTek. AmpTek features traditional camber with more progressive “rocker” at the tip and tail. The combination floats better in deep snow; turns in powder; and holds on hardpack. It will change the way you ski powder. AmpTek – Combines traditional camber with more progressive rocker at the tip and tail to deliver power and edge grip in crud, and floatation in powder Vertical Sidewalls – Puts direct pressure on the edges of the ski for powerful, precise edging Wood Core – Provides ultimate response, feel, power and durability

Lengths166cm, 176cm, 188cm, 195cm
Turn Radius14.8m @ 178 cm.
ConstructionVertical Sidewalls, Sandwich
Core MaterialWood Core
TailRocker Pin Tail
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UsePowder and Crud
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingFKS 140 or 180 XXL, Freeski2 140 Ti XXL
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Rossi S7: 115mm waist, 17m underfoot, reverse sidecut tip and tail. I didn’t have a tape measure or a bench at the mountain, so I wasn’t able to measure running length or camber length. 

Review: this ski was pretty interesting.  Felt a bit more versatile in mixed conditions than the Boomerang, as it had a bit more sidecut and was narrower and a bit more nimble.  The Boomerang likely had better float, but since I was only skiing 6-8” new, it was impossible to say (boomerang has more surface area in terms of width).   Again, somewhat limited running length, and a loss of stability in the packed pow and softer snow.  It didn’t like aggressive input in those conditions, and preferred to be very slowly rolled onto edge.  Not really a groomer ski, but felt significantly more stable than the Boomerang, although worse than the other skis by a good margin. Basically enough to get back to the lift without having to ride on the brakes; and not that bad at low edge angles. Ride GS-race ski edge angles though, and the ski might toss you into a 360: tough to ski aggressively on firmer snow.  The cut-up crud with a few tracks here and there presented a challenge: it did get bounced, but had more of the 1010 float, skim and release feel than the Huge or Pro Rider’s crudbuster feel to it.  Releases were extremely easy; along the lines of the Boomerang and the 1010 (I would say that all 3 were equally as easy to release in crappy snow, the 3 best skis of the test. They each felt a bit different releasing, but all were so easy: just any relaxing at the end of the turn and letting the hips move down the hill had the skis come right up).  You could tell that the S7, along the lines of the Booomerang, really needed more snow to come alive; again, 12+ inches is where it would be at.  There was a bit more ease and stability, and higher versatility than the boomerang had, but probably at the cost of a bit of float when the going gets deep and heavy.  This ski is classic Rossi smooth, and will suit a wide range of skiing styles.  Definitely not a day-in/day-out ski for me, but a ski that I could look forward to skiing 5-10 days a year when we get dumps.  Very nice ride.  Again, in coffee terms, probably a blend of a couple of different beans. Very intersting and hard to pin down.  Stability: 8.25; on-piste performace: 3.5; off-piste peroformance: 8.5; ease of use: 6.5; versatility: 4;  energy: 5; sweet spot: Medium; category: 90% off piste/ 10% on piste

--Dawgcatching from the thread 2010 wider skis

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