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2011 Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-core Ski

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2011 Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-core Ski

Made for expert level skiers in need of a ski that offers great flexibility in soft snow and versatile conditions with a lively response and predictable rebound. The JET FUEL is effortless in powder or crud and will hold a solid edge on groomers. Constructed with Nordica's newest core technology, i-CORE making the ski 17% lighter, combined with XBi, this ski makes each turn fluid and powerful and offers perfect performance in all conditions.

Lengths162, 170, 178
Turn Radius17m @ 170 cm.
ConstructionFULL TWIN V ACTIVE i-core
Core Material
Binding SystemXBI CT
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll Mountain
Recommended BindingXBI CT
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC



From Dawgcatching's 2011 Ski Reviews: Mid-Fat skis, 80-100mm Waists, 11/28/10


Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core: 84mm underfoot, new layup and flex for 2010 (I don't know the details, refer to the website for more info). Length tested: 178cm.



These were tested over several days: conditions included lots of manmade snow, firm and rock-hard bumps, fast groomers, a few inches of new snow, steeps, icy chutes, some heavy new snow, and a fair amount of crud.  Since I only got a couple of runs on these skis, for the most part, I didn't do the 1-10 scale for these skis.  


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line double-black bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. Overall fitness is high, as I am on my road bike 15+ hours a week 9 months of the year, and race pro-level races as a Cat1. 



I spent around 3 hours doing laps at Alpine over on Scott Chute and in that area, on this ski. It felt like the Blizzard's fraternal twin. If I had to guess, I would say the Nordica is a touch stiffer and less friendly than the Blizzard, at least at 155lbs. It is every big as stable, also has the big Austrian feel to it, enjoys a decent-sized sweet spot, is smooth, damp, and worry-free, provided you are man enough to ski it. On Scott's icy bumps, it was smooth, predictable, and held like glue. On icy steeps, same story. Really, no weaknesses in this ski either, providing you are up to skiing it. This was one of the most aggressive skis tested, no doubt. For those of you who aren't aware of it: Blizzard and Nordica share the same factory, and judging by these skis, at least some of the same design team. The tip did feel stiffer on the Nordica, which is perhaps why I slightly preferred the Magnum 8.1. Other than that, it is a no-compromise ski. Good to see that people are still making “real” skis, not these watered-down wimpy ones. If I had to guess, that is a good reason why we are almost sold out of MX88's, even after re-ordering. This Nordica should be on the short list for a narrower Western ski for any good skier, and definitely for a more technically-skilled skier.



Pros: stable at any speed, smooth, damp, very muscular, power carver

Cons: pretty stout, a little much in bumps

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