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2011 Nordica Fire Arrow 80 XBI CT Ski


Pros: front side carver that can handle all conditions

Cons: not a big fat ski, 80 under foot, so it is not as cool for many people.

Ok, let's get realistic.  Many skiiers who do lots of days ski more than one ski.  I ski two main skis depending on the time of year, snow conditions and what, where I am skiing.  The Nordica Fire Arrow is a short turner, great support (not whimpy) and works well in all conditions.  Sure a big fat ski will be more stable in soft conditions especially if you are going fast however for packed and harder conditions the Fire Arrow skis excellent.  For packed and harder conditions it will slice up the snow and carve trenches.  Ofcourse not everyone has the ability to make good carved turns leaving slice marks in the snow but if you can make these turns the ski is loads of fun.  The Fire Arrow is a high end ski and can do high end turns.  It is my best all around ski.  Sure I have a fatter ski for soft conditions ripping but frankly, those conditions do not happen every day for on piste skiing.  The Fire Arrow is my everyday ski until those special days when it gets soft.  It is my favorite ski in many years. You can see I gave it a very high rating.  Value is a 4 because I think all skis are overpriced.  My fat ski is great but would not receive as high a rating because it is less versitle and specific to softer conditions.  Ski U Later.


Pros: great frontside ski

Cons: None

Nordica hit it with this one! Rock solid and a very versatile ski frontside ski.  This ski has great torsional stability for edge grip and a softened tip for easier turn entry. 

2011 Nordica Fire Arrow 80 XBI CT Ski

An easygoing frontside ski, the Fire Arrow uses traditional camber and an hourglass shape to carve medium- and large-radius turns, though it will bend into short zingers with a bit of effort. Playfulness and ease define it, thanks in part to the kicked-up tail, which lends it a surfy maneuverability. If you’re looking for a fun, versatile, groomer-oriented ski with some park and crud capability, it’s a good choice. -Skiingmag.com

Lengths 164 172 180
Turn Radius12.5-13.5 / 14.5-16
ConstructionFULL TWIN V ACTIVE 2Ti
Core Materialwood/2sheet metal sandwich
Binding System N Pro 2S XBI CT WB
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseHardpack 60% Powder 40%
Sidecut132-80-115 (size: 172-180)
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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