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2011 Line Prophet 115 Ski


Pros: Super versatile for a Pow Ski; Quick Turns, Float, Great Edge Hold

Cons: Could be more stable at higher speeds. Still not a GS Race Ski when it comes to true ice.


Picked up a pair of Line Prophet 115s from the Start Haus in Truckee, and now have about 10 days on them.  Here is my review....


skiing background:  i am 5'9" 145 lbs  (about 20 lbs lighter than my college racing days 20 years ago when i was 60-70 FIS point racer). i am 40 years old.   the last 4-5 years i have been primarily skiing and coaching telemark, but this year i have been primarily skiing and coaching alpine ski racing.  for the last 7-8 years i have averaged 45-75 days/season.... mostly in N. Tahoe with Alpine Meadows as my home mountain.  


ski setup:  i mounted them up fixed heel with a pair of Salomon 16STHs mounted on the line.  i went with the 179s for playfulness in the trees, billy goating, etc.  i have owned and skied the P90 and P100 in the past.  i have also done ski testing for Couloir/Backcountry Magazine in the past, so i have some experience being on a variety of skis.


overall impressions:  these are FUN skis.  these have been my "everyday" Tahoe ski for the last 2+ weeks of this storm cycle.  i have been out in fresh light pow, cut up chop, wind-affected styrofoam, some heavier sierra cement, hard-pack groomers, etc.  these skis can do big long turns, fairly short turns and everything in between.    


groomers -

i tend to favor GS style turns and like high angles.  on groomers…. these things can RAIL like my Volkl GS race skis.  the tails are stiff enough so that if you want load them up, they will respond and you shoot across the hill into your next turn.  if you want to ski more mellow and simply roll them on edge, these things will hold and let you just cruise… and enjoy the ride.  definitely nice, at the end of the day when the legs are running out of juice.  i did not take them out on true consistent bullet proof ice, but on ice that i did hit…. these things held fine.  torsionally, these skis are stiff and it transfers down to the edges… which wasn't the case with some other wider skis that i have owned in the past, like the Volkl Sumo.


groomers/cut-cup chop - 

going from groomers to cut up pow or chop and then back again to groomers…. if you stay centered on the ski and drive them…. they make the transition feel seamless.  maybe it might be due to locking my heels down vs telemark, but i could charge right through both  conditions without ever feeling like i might get bobbled around.


cut-up chop - 

in full cut-up chop, these skis smoothed out the slop.  no i won't say it made firm cut-up chop feel like a "groomer", but i definitely could hit this stuff at speed and feel fully balanced.  if you end up in the back seat, with the stiffer tails…. the skis could toss you around.  so you definitely need to stay somewhat attentive, and especially at  higher super-G speeds.  in regards to the slight tip rocker... in the cut up chop, the tips did tend to flap a little especially at higher super-G turns and speed.  at first it was a little unnerving, but eventually i have gotten used to it.  if you stay centered and ski with good technique, totally not an issue.  186 vs 179 length.  i would imagine that the 186 would give a more stable ride in this regard at higher speeds.  


pow - 

the P115s rock.  it makes the pow so easy, it is ridiculous.  i skied them in anywhere from 6" fresh to 18" fresh…. they killed it. the tip rocker, the 115mm waist, etc…. combines to make a fun pow ski in big open turns and in tight trees.  need to scrub speed or butter a pivot turn around a tree… not an issue.  just ease up on the throttle, flatten your edge angle, and there you go…. spread the butter.


air - 

i am NOT a big air guy.  10-15 feet is about as big as i go.  the P115s have more than enough surface area to make landing those drops fun and easy.  bigger airs, i don't know…. but i am guessing they would be just fine.


final conclusion:  so far, to me they seem to be the perfect Tahoe ski.  the 179 length is a fun length for me…. if Squaw (vs Alpine Meadows) were my home mountain, i would probably choose the 186 for gobbling up vert at higher speeds.   i was unsure about the sidecut and tend NOT to like skis with wide tails, but it has not been an issue… i had originally thought i was going to have a 3 ski quiver with a racer carver for groomers and ice, something around 90-95mm for all mountain, and the P115s for pow or day after storm skiing etc.  at this point and from what i have seen with the P115s…. they will be my quiver of one, with my race skis reserved for coaching days or maching the groomers.



This is a video of my ~5th day on the skis in variable conditions from hard pack to ~6" of pow in the trees.... I was skiing with my kids and goofing around with a new GoPro chest mounted camera.

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2011 Line Prophet 115 Ski

The Line Prophet 115 picks up where the legendary 100 left off. For the powder-specific Prophet, Line added 15mm at the waist and early rise tips for increased flotation in deep snow.

Lengths172cm, 179cm, 186cm
Dimensions153 / 115 / 142mm
Turn Radius[179cm] 19m
Core MaterialMacroblock Maple, Titanal
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UsePowder, all-mountaion skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
BaseSintered, Fatty base and edge
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: 186cmA10009-One Color-186cm714636597413
Size: 179cmA10009-One Color-179cm714636597406
Size: 172cmA10009-One Color-172cm714636597390
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