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2011 K2 Rictor Ski Reviews


A "10" On The Rictor Scale!


Pros: Stable at high speeds, soft enough for powder, rockered tips, sidewall construction

Cons: Plastic integrated bindings, don't go too short with the rocker's, ugly graphics (unless you love green!).

Thought I would post a brief review of the 2010/2011 K2 Rictor in case anyone is wondering if they're worth shelling out for.   I am a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol (volunteer), and ski pretty much every type of terran there is out here in the Alberta Rockies. I've been through an arsenal of skis over the past 30 years and for Christmas, my wife treated me to a brand new pair of skis....have five pair but they are all trashed from patrolling LOL! I am 5"10", and weigh 175lbs.   After a ton of research, I was consistently gravitating toward to the new K2 Rictor because it had all the qualities I loved in an All Mountain. My only...
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Eagles Pdx

Double down on the "10" Rictor scale rating


Pros: Great in powder. Great on the hard pack. Easy turning.

Cons: None

Previous skis were Vokl Super Sports and Head Monsters.  The Rictors were significant upgrade from those skis and they were good skis.  Both top rated in their day.   Ski in the Pacific NW mostly so conditions are VARIABLE.  Deep powder quickly turns to glacier crud and back again.   The Rictors handle it all with ease.   Everything albertaskibum said except you can get them without bindings and put on your own. I put on Knee bindings for good luck.   I weigh 155-160 and went with the 167 for shorter turns.  It's been great in the deep stuff and on the hard pack and everything in between.  Haven't yet seen reason to go longer...
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Rocker will rock you, in a good and bad way


Pros: grip

Cons: bindings

Demoed that for a day, was very eager and had high hopes, well, disappointed, I was looking for the Recon replacement, biggest problem bindings, cheap and squeaky I was really worrying on a bump run. Good edge grip, that rocker, you love it and you hate it, on high speed it’s rattling, feels not very solid. I think K2 have to rethink that rocker implementation, definitely helps, but it should be ?less? of it.
Fred G

Can do it all


Pros: Easy turn initiation and great edge grip

Cons: Only one binding choice

Demoed this ski on 2/11 in 174cm length.  I am currently skiing on a pair of 9 year old 184cm Rossingnole Bandits with Marker Select control bindings.  I was looking for a ski that was a game changer, where you could feel a significant difference from what I am currently skiing on, like when I switched from a pair of straight 208cm Rossi 4S's to the Bandits.  I had tried a pair of Volkl AC 30's earlier in the season and although they were different they felt wide and had to driven at high speeds to really get any pop from turn to turn out of them.  The K2's on the other had were incredibly quick and responsive.  From short...
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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › All-Mountain Skis › 2011 K2 Rictor Ski › 2011 K2 Rictor Ski Reviews