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2011 K2 Rictor Ski


Pros: Stable at high speeds, soft enough for powder, rockered tips, sidewall construction

Cons: Plastic integrated bindings, don't go too short with the rocker's, ugly graphics (unless you love green!).

Thought I would post a brief review of the 2010/2011 K2 Rictor in case anyone is wondering if they're worth shelling out for.


I am a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol (volunteer), and ski pretty much every type of terran there is out here in the Alberta Rockies. I've been through an arsenal of skis over the past 30 years and for Christmas, my wife treated me to a brand new pair of skis....have five pair but they are all trashed from patrolling LOL! I am 5"10", and weigh 175lbs.


After a ton of research, I was consistently gravitating toward to the new K2 Rictor because it had all the qualities I loved in an All Mountain. My only concerns? The Rocker design, and what length to choose. After being educated by knowledgeable techs, I was told the Rocker's were fantastic for diverse snow conditions, but to go 5-10cm longer than what I usually ski on since deeper snow will make the ski feel smaller due to the reverse camber.


SO...I took the plumger and bought them on Boxing Day....Sportcheck had them on sale for $759 including binding and mount. I took them out for the first time on December 28 for a full day at Sunshine Village. Got there early enough to catch first tracks in 4" of fresh stuff....not a lot, but better than nothing. These skis were an absolute blast!! I have owned several skis, and these are definitely the best I have ever owned in terms of diversity.




* These skis want to go FAST. At high speeds, they are rock solid.

* When transitioning from groomers/packed to crud or powder, you barely notice because of the rockered tip...very cool.

* Quick response when carving, and they hold their edge very well.

* A true all mountain ski.




* The Marker MX 12 bindngs are your only choice. They are mostly plastic, but they hold up well (so far!)

* Ugly graphics, but if you like green, not too bad!! 

* If you go too short of a length, you will have a hard time in off-piste. I would surely go with the 174 if you ski a 170. The longest they make is a 181 but I couldn't find this length in Calgary.


If you've been thinking about this ski...DO IT! You won't regret it. 


Pros: Great in powder. Great on the hard pack. Easy turning.

Cons: None

Previous skis were Vokl Super Sports and Head Monsters.  The Rictors were significant upgrade from those skis and they were good skis.  Both top rated in their day.


Ski in the Pacific NW mostly so conditions are VARIABLE.  Deep powder quickly turns to glacier crud and back again.


The Rictors handle it all with ease.


Everything albertaskibum said except you can get them without bindings and put on your own. I put on Knee bindings for good luck.


I weigh 155-160 and went with the 167 for shorter turns.  It's been great in the deep stuff and on the hard pack and everything in between.  Haven't yet seen reason to go longer for me


Pros: grip

Cons: bindings

Demoed that for a day, was very eager and had high hopes, well, disappointed, I was looking for the Recon replacement, biggest problem bindings, cheap and squeaky I was really worrying on a bump run. Good edge grip, that rocker, you love it and you hate it, on high speed it’s rattling, feels not very solid. I think K2 have to rethink that rocker implementation, definitely helps, but it should be ?less? of it.


Pros: Easy turn initiation and great edge grip

Cons: Only one binding choice

Demoed this ski on 2/11 in 174cm length.  I am currently skiing on a pair of 9 year old 184cm Rossingnole Bandits with Marker Select control bindings.  I was looking for a ski that was a game changer, where you could feel a significant difference from what I am currently skiing on, like when I switched from a pair of straight 208cm Rossi 4S's to the Bandits.  I had tried a pair of Volkl AC 30's earlier in the season and although they were different they felt wide and had to driven at high speeds to really get any pop from turn to turn out of them.  The K2's on the other had were incredibly quick and responsive.  From short to long GS turns the skis were incredibly smooth and had good edge grip.  Was also able to get great edge angles.  Don't know if the quick edge initiation was due to the tip Rocker but what ever it was these skis were great and defiantly a game changer to me.  Would highly recommend them,if you can find them.  They seem to be in short supply in my local shops.

2011 K2 Rictor Ski

The all-new 2010-11 A.M.P. Rictor is a high performance expert level ski built for any condition the resort has to offer. The Rictor blends All-Terrain Rocker with an ideal amount of waist width and sidecut into a model worthy of replacing K2’s best selling Apache Recon ski. The K2 Rictor gets the added all mountain versatility and performance from a unique Metal Laminate Hybritech construction combined with a progressive sidecut that allows the Rictor to perform equally well in both soft and hard conditions.

Lengths160, 167, 174, 181
Turn Radius127/80/109
ConstructionMetal-Laminate Hybritech sidewall
Core MaterialAspen/Paulownia
Binding SystemMarker K2/MX 12.0
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll Mountain
Recommended BindingMarker K2/MX 12.0
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

From Dawgcatching's 2011 Mid-fat Ski Reviews, 11/28/2010


K2 Rictor, 181 cm. Similar to the Aftershock, but narrower at 80mm underfoot. Similar “all-terrain rocker” tip, and feels significantly softer in flex. I don't have the details on construction, as we aren't selling K2.



I was able to ski a bunch of skis this past spring, unfortunately not all on the same day, but at least was able to use a point of reference on all of the skis tested. These were tested over several days: conditions included lots of manmade snow, firm and rock-hard bumps, fast groomers, a few inches of new snow, steeps, icy chutes, some heavy new snow, and a fair amount of crud.  Since I only got a couple of runs on these skis, for the most part, I didn't do the 1-10 scale for these skis.  


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line double-black bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. Overall fitness is high, as I am on my road bike 15+ hours a week 9 months of the year, and race pro-level races as a Cat1. 



This ski felt like a little brother of the Aftershock, which is no surprise. Again, tested in 181cm, and I had the exact same sensations. It felt really short, quick and a capable, if not powerful, carver on the groomed. In crud, it felt like one would expect a 181cm ski to feel: easy, smooth, damp, quiet, with a huge sweet spot. Very easy-going, average stability, not really a true expert-level ski, but a crowd-pleaser. Great bump ski. Easy to find the speed limit on, both in crud, and on the groomers. Who would like this ski? Someone who needs a bit of help initiating their turns, is looking for ease of use in crappy snow, and wants a forgiving, smooth ski. In short, probably 80% of the skiers out there, but not necessarily the bulk of skiers on this forum. For more aggressive skiers, there are better choices out there. K2 will sell a lot of these, just as they have sold a lot of skis in the past 10 years, as they have gone away from true expert-level laminate skis and toward more user-friendly Cadillac designs. Is it better than the ski it replaced? I wouldn't say so. I would say it is different, and some skiers will like that difference. Others won't. Hopefully this info helps you make a decision of whether or not to demo.



Pros: easy to ski, feels short and fun on groomers, more exciting than some of the mid-width cruisers around.

Cons: easily overpowered by good skiers, not a great ski in higher-speed crud, can feel really short.


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