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2011 K2 BackUp Ski Reviews


unacceptable quality and durability


Pros: seemed a good ski but....

Cons: very poor quality, not durable

I purchased a pair of backups 2 months ago. Right on  the next weekend I tried them on a great, sunny day of resort skiing. The ski seemed to work well but in the end of the day I noticed that the tip of the one ski was raised really early. It had changed shape!!! and looked like a rocker ski. I was a bit shocked since I had not even fall (except a minor one), jumped or hit anything that day. I assumed that this would be a defect of the material and that it would be covered by the warranty. But no! As the store in Germany (Sport Conrad) - were I bought them online - claimed, they had checked the ski with a person of K2 and were driven to the conclusion that the ski was...
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