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2011 K2 BackUp Ski


Pros: seemed a good ski but....

Cons: very poor quality, not durable


I purchased a pair of backups 2 months ago. Right on  the next weekend I tried them on a great, sunny day of resort skiing. The ski seemed to work well but in the end of the day I noticed that the tip of the one ski was raised really early. It had changed shape!!! and looked like a rocker ski. I was a bit shocked since I had not even fall (except a minor one), jumped or hit anything that day. I assumed that this would be a defect of the material and that it would be covered by the warranty. But no! As the store in Germany (Sport Conrad) - were I bought them online - claimed, they had checked the ski with a person of K2 and were driven to the conclusion that the ski was compressed and thus not covered by the warranty.

A material defect could happen to anyone. But when K2 says that this damage was my fault, it means that the ski can be damaged in just one day. I don't know if this was just bad luck, but since this ski is not supposed to be destroyed that easily even in the  hard conditions of ski mountaineering, STAY AWAY!!

Not to mention that nobody from K2 or the store ever explained to me how such a damage is possible to happen even if I asked.

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2011 K2 BackUp Ski

The 2010-11 K2 BackUp is the ideal spring-ski mountaineering tool, that’s equally happy as a resort telemark ski. Two sheets of metal with an ultra-lightweight wood core provide exceptional edge-hold and a damp, supple feel not found in skis this light. Its 82 mm waist is narrow enough to excel whether descending frozen corn or skinning in hard, bony conditions, but wide enough to handle variable snow with ease and predictability.

Lengths160, 167, 174, 181
Turn Radius19
ConstructionTNC Metal Laminate Cap
Core MaterialAspen/ Paulownia/ Bamboo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC