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2011 Kästle MX78 Ski

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2011 Kästle MX78 Ski

A ski at home on ambitious on-piste terrain and in variable off-piste conditions.

Turn Radius18m @ 176cm.
ConstructionTitanal sandwich, hollowcore tip, phenol sidewalls
Core MaterialAsh and silver fir
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseFrontside Groomers
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC



From Dawgcatching's Short Reviews of 2011 sub-80s, 1/13/11


Kastle MX78: 78mm underfoot, same construction (dual titanial, ash/silver fir wood core, phenol sidewalls) of the MX70.



1st day: manmade, hard snow at Winter Park, at the US industry demo. Definitely the skis of choice for these days: most everyone was ripping around on frontside type skis, and I don't think I have ever seen such a high concentration of reallygood skiers (like ex-World or Europa Cup level) in one place. These conditions were made for the skis tested here; a good carver makes a bulletproof day a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely the most fun skis, especially on that kevlar-vest like groomer down to the base area, were the most powerful, pseudo-race skis. We all had big grins on our faces.


2nd day was in mostly softer snow and groomers, at Alpine Meadows. These skis still performed well (4 inches of crud isn't going to slow down a frontside type ski), although it wasn't the pure hard snow of Winter Park.

3rd day was mostly hard snow (rain over snow, then frozen) with some crud thrown in. Pretty good conditions to test out edge hold, although the snow wasn't as predictable as the 1st and 2nd demo. Still worth demoing these skis though, especially on groomers.About Me


About me: 5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line expert-level bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. 



I have a bunch of time on this ski: It was my everyday ski for a couple of months last year, in a low-snow year where the wide skis didn’t get much use.  Time on some boilerplate at WP pretty much validated my observations: If I could only have 1 ski and lived in a place it where it didn’t snow too much (like back East); this would be the ski.  First off, it rips hard snow: the only ski close to 80mm that really can really “hold the jock strap” of a race room ski. Sure, edgehold isn’t quite as good, but it equals or beats 90% of the race-derived 70mm skis out there.  Maybe it is the laterally stiff nature of the ski, or the super hard phenol sidewalls, or the top-quality steel in the edges.  If you are a good skier, you can make this thing sing on hard snow.  As someone once said of a sketchy 5.12 R/X climb around here, it bites harder than Jack Nicholson.   Totally GS in feel: huge sweet spot, stable at ANY speed, perfect flex for a strong, aggressive, yet not burly skier.  In bumps, this was the best ski I tried in 2 days of demoing.  I might rate a couple of softer Heads and K2’s as equal, but they were nowhere near as good  on the rest of the mountain.  I was just learning to ski the zipper line at the time, and 1st run on the MX78, I was able to ski the long bump run (I think it was Derailer) with only 1 stop.  There wasn’t much new snow at WP that day, but I have skied it in 6-8 inches of new plenty of times, including at the 2nd demo show we did at Alpine Meadows (they were my own pair, though).  We hiked the NW ridge and dropped in to around 8 inches of really nice snow over at Idiot’s Delight and South Beaver, and the MX78 blasted through everything, with total confidence.  Float was as you would expect for a 78mm ski: not great, but workable, and really, how much float do you need in 8” of snow?  It also did very well on the big bumps and steeps over toward Keyhole and Scott Chute.  Also, did I mention how stable the MX78 is?  There is absolutely no real-world speed limit on it, at least not without losing your ticket. Think “consumer race GS”.



The MX78 is all about skiing as fast and aggressively as you can, and knowing it will hold up for you in any condition.  Still the best all-around frontside ride I have used. Worth every penny, IMO.  168cm is a hoot of a carver, and very forgiving for me.

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