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2011 Icelantic Keeper Ski


Pros: Versatile powder ski that won't let you down on groomers

Cons: Too wide to ski bumps but they weren't meant to be used for that anyway

A quick note on me...5'10" 240lbs.  20 years of skiing 30 days or more almost every year.


Last year after skiing a foot of the Midwest's finest powder on my 2009 Gotamas that I wanted to try a seriously fat rockered ski.  After reading reviews and pouring over specs I ended up picking up a pair of K2 Hellbents in a 189.  I decided on them because they had decent reviews, the 26m turn radius was much tighter than a lot of the powder boards out there, and I found a good deal on them.  After skiing a bit on them at home I took them to Breckenridge last March.  They definitely ripped in powder but they skied like wet noodles on everything else.  I was OK with keeping them but I wasn't 100% satisfied.  


Days 1 & 2:

Flash forward to a few weeks ago went I stumbled across some deals on last years Icelantics.  I like the idea of skiing something not everyone has and then I found out about the Promotive benefit for being a supporter.  I pulled the trigger on a pair of Keepers in 189.  I mounted them with Dynastar/Look PX14 XXL's.  I couldn't wait until a meaningful snowfall to try them out so I immediately hit the local hill.  My first impression is WOW!  I think i finally found what I am looking for.  I got mix of snow conditions over the last 2 days including fresh groomed, sun softened re-frozen man made, and what could be best described as mashed potatoes.  They handled it all relatively well.  They will carve a turn on most everything and they get up on top of the junk snow with ease.  I can't wait until I get a chance to ski them in powder.


Day 3:

I logged a bunch of runs at the local ski hill with the Keepers yesterday.  They had 6-12" of new man made snow that hadn't been groomed and was like skiing wind blown powder.  The cliche of "like a hot knife through butter" comes to mind.  With the tight turn radius, slight tip and tail rocker, and extra wide girth the Keepers were an absolute blast yesterday.  Now I just need to get my Pilgrims mounted.


Day 4:

I got a chance to ski my Keepers in some fresh crud....I would say powder but when you don't get out to ski until 2:30 there isn't anything that hasn't been touched.  Earlier in the week we went through a thaw-freeze cycle with a bit of rain and then yesterday 4-6 inches of new snow.  The man made base below was rock hard but it wasn't impossible to avoid the hard stuff.  The Keepers charged through crud like nothing I have skied before.  They didn't seem to be phased one bit the mounds of new snow.  Now I am anxiously watching the weather forecasts for Utah in hopes that I will get a chance to ski some powder on them next week. 

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2011 Icelantic Keeper Ski

The Keeper is a different kind of big-mountain powder ski. With an early rise tip and tail, the Keeper’s ability to float through bottomless snow both forward and switch is un-matched. With traditional camber underfoot, the skier’s weight triggers the tip and tail to rise, allowing them to blast through any snow condition with ease. Combine this with Icelantic’s signature side cut and the Keeper transforms from a pure powder ski to a crud bustin, trench carving machine. The Keeper is Icelantic’s answer to a rocker, just different! THE KEEPER IS FOR YOU IF: *You like an early rise tip and tail with camber underfoot *You like Big Mountain riding *You like to smear your turns and surf the mountain *You like to “bounce” down the mountain.

Lengths167, 178, 189
Turn Radius16m @ 178cm.
Core Material
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig mountain & powder
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info2 year warranty
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

The Icelantic Keeper excels in tight spaces:


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