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2011 Head Supershape Titan SW SP13 Ski


Pros: Energy, easy to ski, edge hold at speed, crud busting

Cons: All mountain ability but suits groomed over deep powder

Was anxious when buying these at end of season in NZ without skiing first. I'm a very light skier at 140pounds and 6ft tall and subsequent reviews rated this as a ski for heavier people and requiring a lot of energy to operate. I ski medium to fast and like lots of quick turns so got the 163cm with the 12.7m radius.

End result, these skis are awesome. Great edge hold, lots of return energy (not sure if it's the chip but these sing inbetween turns), they don't get deviated in crud and are easy to find the centre of so have a big sweet spot IMO.

Handled old snow, groomers, new snow (up to my waist) over my 16 days at Whistler. Aren't a powder ski with the 77 waist but as I prefer to ski fast edges (angulation?) over swiveling these still work really well over lots of different snow types including the fresh.

Everyone seems to be going fatter waists now and I tried 5 other 82-86mm skis while at Whisler, as a friend was demoing and we have same size feet. None gave back what the Titans do so unless you get lots of new snow and I mean lots, why ski a truck when you can ski a sports SUV that will go most of the same places IMO?

Only downside is discolouration of the white to yellow in one of the skis only. Have sent back to Head as looks a bit cheap and shouldn't happen, that's why 4 stars.

Otherwise, very happy, love these skis, try them in 2012!!

2011 Head Supershape Titan SW SP13 Ski

The allrounder. Feels at home on and off the groomed. Developed for titans, by titans. Featuring Worldcup Sandwich Construction and KERS Technology.

Lengths156, 163, 170, 177
Turn Radius13.5 @ 170
ConstructionWorld cup sandwich
Core MaterialWood, piezoelectric fibers
Binding SystemHEAD Freeflex Pro 14 wide brake
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseFrontside, all-mountain
Sidecut 128/78/114 @ 170
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended Binding
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


From Dawgcatching's Short Reviews of 2011 sub-80s, 1/13/11


Head Supershape i-Titan: new 78mm ski, somewhat replaces the Peak 78. Tested in 170 and 177cm.



1st day: manmade, hard snow at Winter Park, at the US industry demo. Definitely the skis of choice for these days: most everyone was ripping around on frontside type skis, and I don't think I have ever seen such a high concentration of reallygood skiers (like ex-World or Europa Cup level) in one place. These conditions were made for the skis tested here; a good carver makes a bulletproof day a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely the most fun skis, especially on that kevlar-vest like groomer down to the base area, were the most powerful, pseudo-race skis. We all had big grins on our faces.


2nd day was in mostly softer snow and groomers, at Alpine Meadows. These skis still performed well (4 inches of crud isn't going to slow down a frontside type ski), although it wasn't the pure hard snow of Winter Park.

3rd day was mostly hard snow (rain over snow, then frozen) with some crud thrown in. Pretty good conditions to test out edge hold, although the snow wasn't as predictable as the 1st and 2nd demo. Still worth demoing these skis though, especially on groomers.


About Me

About me: 5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line expert-level bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. 



This ski more or less takes the 78mm Peak slot, although it isn't the same ski. It felt like 2 different skis in the 170cm vs. 177cm. I first skied the 170cm at Winter Park, in some softer bumps, and off-piste (up to 6” of new wind-blown snow), and frankly, it ripped. Not the most stable ski in the world, but stable enough for all but the highest speeds, and super quick, fun, energetic, and forgiving. It was extremely fun in zipper-line bumps, smooth snow, crud, whatever I threw at it. I had forgotten how much fun off-piste skiing could be on a short, snappy ski: this ski would literally bounce you from turn to turn in the crud. On really hard snow, edgehold was somewhat lacking: it isn't the stiffest ski laterally, but seemed stable enough. It was just one of those skis that you never want to exit the fall line with. Great ski!


In 177cm, it became a lot of ski, and found a GS character that was very stout. I didn't like it as much in that length. It was more of a handful in bumps, extremely stable, but kind of burly. There is some video of me on the ski at Alpine in bigger, soft steep bumps. It also lost much of it's fun energy, and became more of a 2x4 in feel. I was much less impressed in the long length, so if you look at this ski (it deserves a look for a frontside machine) then be sure to go under head height. Ski it short, harness all of that mid-flex energy, and feel like you are driving a little 2-seater sports car.



Highly recommended, a blast to ski!

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