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2011 Fischer Progressor 9+ Ski

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2011 Fischer Progressor 9+ Ski

The race inspired high-performance ski with a 70 mm waist. Sandwich Sidewall Construction with 0.5 double Titanal shell, wood core and Dual Radius System for perfect turn initiation, versatility and edge grip on all terrain. For expert skiers looking to mix up the turn shape at any speed.

Lengths160, 165, 170, 175, 180
Turn Radius13/17 m / 170 cm
Core Material
Binding SystemRSX Z13 FLOWFLEX 2.0
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Sidecut117 - 70 - 100
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Fischer Progressor 9+ Review

by Dawgcatching



Groomers, slow speeds, doing lots of releases, trying to keep from getting bored, having been restricted by my doctors since breaking my leg. 


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, 9 hours on the hill this season (normally a 40-60 day/year skier)


The Ski

170cm: Fischer's top-end frontside ski. 70mm wide, not quite as demanding as a race ski, 15m radius in this size (14/18 if you believe the "dual-radius" marketing ploy).  Has a solid, free-flexing plate that gives the binding plenty of lift and a stable platform. 



I have reviewed this last year, in both 170 and 175. The 175cm was nearly indistinguishable from the 175cm WC RC race carver.  The RC was a little narrower underfoot: other than that, they felt pretty much identical.  The 170cm is a great length for someone my size. Feels like a true carver: you can ski it at GS speeds, but you can also rip off smaller radius turns.  Any shape turn is done well on this ski.  As a slow-speed ski, it is a better performer than the Magnum 8.7. It eases into the turn much easier, the tip is nowhere near as grabby (even though it is probably a stiffer ski) as the tip is narrower and engages more predictably. I have a feeling the wider tip on the 8.7 flexes differently somehow. I can scarve turns at slow speed, or (if my leg was up to it, which it isn't yet) bust out dynamic, arc-to-arc carves, leaving railroad tracks.  Releasing is super easy, the ski just seems to flow down the hill with you, never with it's own agenda. It doesn't take speed to come alive, and this would be a perfect instructor's ski.  Having skied it a bunch before, I can attest to it's stability at speed. Not quite as stable as the Nordica Mach 3 Power 170cm or the Dynastar 4x4 172cm, but probably 98% of the beef, and a more nimble feel than either of those.  I liked how predictably it engaged over the 8.7, which was more hit or miss and balky at slow speeds.  On neither ski do you want to get stuck on the tail: they just aren't that forgiving.


Overall, for the skiing I am currently doing, the Progressor is clearly superior. No big surprise.  This is a great example of is suitability of certain skis for certain types of skiing.  85+mm skis are OK on groomers, definitely passable, but if you primarily ski groomers or hard snow, and especially if you are an ex-racer or otherwise skilled skier and know how to put your skis on edge, you will find a ski such as the Progressor to exceed (by a substantial margin) something like the 8.7. That micro-adjustment, that slight change in edge angle or pressure that produces something you are looking for in a turn,  that is available on top race skis, is still somewhat present on a ski like the Progressor, as it is extremely responsive to input. The 8.7, being wider, just isn't as responsive, more of a "carving or your aren't, edge holding or it isn't" feel.   On the other hand, the 8.7 does like to skid more: if you are a push-your-tails kind of skier, it might work better (or you could just take a lesson).


If I had skied these in crud at speed or deep snow, I would expect to favor the 8.7, by a wide margin. Again, no big surprise.  The extra length and damping would be welcome, and it would still hold up if I chose to hit a fast groomer or two. 

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