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2011 Fischer Progressor 10+ C-Line Ski

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2011 Fischer Progressor 10+ C-Line Ski

Style is the hallmark of good breeding. Which is why skiers choose the Progressor 10+ C-Line - a true gentleman. It keeps itself under control and behaves perfectly. With its wider race ski construction and a waist measuring 73 mm, it goes into turns without too much aggression but with remarkable stability. Supported by its 0.5 mm Titanal shell and the Dual Radius System, the ski is simply perfect for enjoying both quick and also long, sweeping turns - until Big Ben chimes and it's time for afternoon tea.

Lengths160, 165, 170, 175, (180
Turn Radius13/16 m / 170 cm
Core Material
Binding System C-LINE Z13 FLOWFLEX 2.0 / XTR 12 PRO C-LINE
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Sidecut121 - 73 - 102
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


From Dawgcatching's Short Reviews of 2011 sub-80s, 1/13/11


Fischer Progressor 10+: new ski for 2011, has similar construction to the Motive 84; wood core, laminate layer of carbon, 73mm waist, shorter turn radius than the 9+, which is a bit detuned version of the WC RC. Also features the new adjustable flowflex plate. Tested in 170cm.



1st day: manmade, hard snow at Winter Park, at the US industry demo. Definitely the skis of choice for these days: most everyone was ripping around on frontside type skis, and I don't think I have ever seen such a high concentration of reallygood skiers (like ex-World or Europa Cup level) in one place. These conditions were made for the skis tested here; a good carver makes a bulletproof day a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely the most fun skis, especially on that kevlar-vest like groomer down to the base area, were the most powerful, pseudo-race skis. We all had big grins on our faces.


2nd day was in mostly softer snow and groomers, at Alpine Meadows. These skis still performed well (4 inches of crud isn't going to slow down a frontside type ski), although it wasn't the pure hard snow of Winter Park.

3rd day was mostly hard snow (rain over snow, then frozen) with some crud thrown in. Pretty good conditions to test out edge hold, although the snow wasn't as predictable as the 1st and 2nd demo. Still worth demoing these skis though, especially on groomers.


About Me

About me: 5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line expert-level bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. 



Sweet ski, very responsive, much quicker than the 9+. It rips, and is definitely a fall-line machine. Somewhat due to the radius, but also due to the bit softer flex, higher energy, and lighter weight of the ski. Plenty of stability, likes smaller to medium radius arcs. Like the Motive, it is moderate in flex, but skis with plenty of energy, rebound, and aggressiveness, all without being overly stiff, demanding, or GS-y. Good in bumps, mixed conditions: pretty much anything you can throw at it, that doesn't require a ski with a lot of float. The 170cm is the fun length, the 175cm the barn burner length.



This is one of the most versatile frontside skis around, and a great compliment to anyone's quiver. Very unique in feel, in that it is light on the snow, yet has plenty of edge hold and hooks up powerfully.

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