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2011 Fischer Motive 84 Ski

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2011 Fischer Motive 84 Ski

Adventures begin when everyday life ends. Away from it all, away from the slopes – into the wild! With its softer flex the Motive 84 C-Line is just as good at handling unforgettable off-piste adventures as it is for enjoying groomed slopes.

Lengths161, 168, 175, 182 cm
Turn Radius17 m / 175 cm
ConstructionSandwich Sidewall Construction
Core MaterialWood
Binding SystemC-Line Z13 Flowflex Bindings
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll Mountain
Recommended BindingC-Line Z13 Flowflex Bindings
Sidecut126 - 84 - 114
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


2011 Fischer Motive 84 Review

by Dawgcatching


The Ski

Fischer Motive 84, 175cm. New ski for 2011, a laminate layup, with carbon and wood. Hand flexing the ski shows it to be moderate, and quite light in weight. Has the 3-position adjustable flexing plate. All testing was done in the middle section.



Some scratchy, firm snow, some wind-blown snow a couple of inches deep, some challenging shark fins as a result of wind compaction, with a few bowling balls thrown in for good measure, and some soft, uneven bumps. I don't know what it is with the bumps here; they either resemble a luge run, or tend to get oddly grouped together and out of sync.


About Me

I am 5 foot 9, 155lbs, and like to ski fast, mostly off-piste , and can ski most any condition. Bachelor is our home mountain, Village Bike and Ski in Sunriver our shop. Ski 30-45 days/year. I try to be as un-biased as possible with my reviews.  We carry lots of skis, but typically target those that are of high quality, and I have gotten into trouble by not pulling punches when it comes to reviews.  



1st run was on scratchy groomers. This ski was extremely solid, and obviously a great choice for groomers. It was a bit aggressive to initiate, and really launched once on edge. It liked big GS arcs best, and it was also extremely stable, at least as much as my Elan Apex 177cm. I found it to be much, much more energetic than the Apex, and more exciting. It had some real pop in the tail, a lot of zoom at the top of the turn, and slalom-like energy at times. Overall feel was light on the snow; like a race ski, but like a powerful, yet light and flickable race ski. It was the anti-Head/Nordica/Blizzard/Kastle/Dynastar; that heavy, damp, snow-hugging feel just isn't present in the Motive 84. Instead, it almost seems to hover on top of the snow, ready to explode out of the turn, and has a fun, light feel to it, yet gives up nothing in terms of stability. I would liken it somewhat to the Watea feel, except with much better edge hold, power, excitement, and overall a race-like feel. Yet, it was extremely forgiving. I would say it is more forgiving than the similar Blizzard Magnum 8.1, Kastle MX78, Nordica Jet Fuel HR i-Core, and similar to the Sultan in terms of forgiveness. There aren't many 17m skis that provide a good dose of SL energy in high-speed GS arcs, but this is one of them. There is a lot of energy packed into this ski, and it feel like a “race bred” ski, something you can't say about many skis these days. I think edge hold is comparable to the other skis mentioned above, with the exception of the MX78 from Kastle, which is in a league of it's own.


2nd run: trees and bumps. There was maybe 1 inch of fresh (dust on crust) in the trees, and the bumps were oddly shaped but soft. In the trees, this ski was a breeze. Very forgiving, easy to initiate, smooth, predictable. For the power it had on the hard snow, it was nearly a different ski in the trees; just easygoing and precise. It was just as good in bumps: the tip is fairly soft compared to many skis in this category, and it was a really, really good bump ski. It absorbed all transitions and didn't put me in a bad place if I was late or lazy with my feet. Overall, more than acceptable: one of the best bump skis I have been on in quite awhile.


3rd run: cut-up crud. Again, the ski was fairly easy to pilot, and didn't toss me around. I would rate crud performance as average: it wasn't as forgiving as a Watea, but still a smooth ski that didn't catch and pull me around where I didn't want to go. And, I could carry some speed on it. The Apex was superior in the crud, no doubt: bigger sweet spot, less turn radius, more of a big-turn blaster. But, the Motive, for a fairly aggressive frontside ski, held it's own, and gave back plenty of energy on the groomer. Especially for a fairly light ski, and one that is extremely powerful. I don't think the Apex is particularly fun on groomers; they are OK to ski, but it is more at home off-piste. I would consider it reliable on groomers, but not really something that excels there. On the Motive, I might ski some groomers from time to time, as they really bring the terrain alive and make it exciting.



I really liked this ski. It has a rare blend of bump performance, crud skiing ability, ease in tight spots, and plenty of power on hard snow. It is probably for people looking for a versatile ski that really gives up very little on hard snow and groomers, and can go anywhere. Somewhat similar to the Sultan 85 from Dynastar, but completely different in feel (heavy and damp vs. light and lively). I would take a Watea if my primary focus was off-piste, but if I spent at least 25-30% of my time on groomers and didn't want to skimp on performance there, but wanted something way more versatile than, say an AC50, the Motive 84 is a home run. I would seriously consider buying it if I didn't have too many skis already. Plus, I already have a couple of 88mm skis, so if I were to get a frontside ski, it would probably be sub 80mm. Still though, this would be an excellent narrow ½ of a 2-ski Western quiver, or a great every day Eastern ski. It has such awesome edge hold and does so well in tight spaces, it could really rip back East.


Village Bike and Ski:               Authorized Dealer: Kastle, Blizzard, Elan, Fischer, Dynastar, Head 
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