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2011 Dynastar 6th Sense Huge Rocker Ski

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2011 Dynastar 6th Sense Huge Rocker Ski

The Dynastar 6th Sense Huge Rocker Ski dangles from your feet as the chairlift creeps along slowly up the mountain. Two feet of snow dumped unexpectively overnight, thanks to 'lake effect', and you had the hunch to think ahead and break out this backcountry jib ski for an epic day of shredding and stomping some big airs.

Lengths175cm, 185cm
Dimensions140 / 115 / 130mm
Turn Radius33m
ConstructionTraditional sandwich
Core MaterialWood
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig mountain, powder, backcountry freestyle
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Weight[Pair] 10lb 12oz (4900g)
Binding System
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: 185cmA1400-185
Size: 175cmA1400-175

2011 Dynastar Huge Rocker Review

by Dawgcatching



40" and up of new snow, the top 18" of which was blower dry; somewhat tracked up crud, and soft bumps forming at the end of the day. 


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, ski 30-50 days a year, overall high level of fitness


The Skis

Redesigned for 2011, approximately 15cm of tip and tail rocker (when measured from the start of the rocker to where the contact point would be on a non-rockered ski), fairly stiff and heavy, dual laminate construction. Mounted 2.5cm behind "standard" although I could go back 3cm or more. It is a twin, and it can ski short when skied at "center".  115mm underfoot, sidecut tip to tail.   Mounted with adjustable track Griffons.



1st run: deep, uncut snow (1st run of the day);  this ski is big, and it feels big, heavy, and hefty.  As it doesn't have a tapered tip and is pretty stiff, it doesn't seem to float quite as well as the Bent: I would say somewhere along the lines of 95% as good. It feels longer, probably due to the mounting point.  It is a more straight-ahead, no fooling around feel on this ski, even though it is a twin, it shares a lot of the same feel of the old Legend Pro and Legend Pro XXL; damp, smooth, powerful laminate ski with no speed limit.  On the Huge Rocker, I could have used more ski 1st run (snow was that deep, I had the old Huge Trouble in up to 24" of fresh and never wanted more ski, so that tells you just how deep it was). In fact, I couldn't even turn: skiing straight was required just to keep from stopping!  


2nd run: starting to get cut-up crud, higher speed untracked snow:  This ski really comes alive in floaty, soft snow at speed. It wants to run in medium to big arcs, and to be tipped and arced. This ski doesn't respond to heel-pushing, back-seating, or otherwise crappy skiing: it requires some solid technique to pilot.  In comparison to the old Huge Trouble, it seems to bounce out of the turn easier with the addition of the rocker at the tail: it releases smoother, and at the tip, floats out of trouble.  This ski is quite floaty as well, but more direct than the Bent. It likes modern, inside foot tipping and arc-to-arc skiing.  At speed, in crud, rather than the floaty, snow-skimming nature of the Bent, the Huge Rocker is a bulldozer. You can see it on the video: it just moves snow out of the way, with a minimum of fuss.  there are times that I was skiing with my hair on fire (not shot on the video, mostly later in the day when the sun came out) and the HR did not disappoint in those conditions: this ski was eating up the terrain.  Very powerful ski.  One difference in the wind-lips that can get packed and hard underneath: on the Bent, the ski just absorbs the terrain as you are dropping off of them, whereas on the Huge Rocker, the tail is stiffer, and it actually bounces you down them, like a flight of stairs.  Completely different feeling ski.


3rd run (later in the day, getting tracked out, small bumps): For a stiffer ski, the Huge Rocker was (as I reported in the other, 100mm+ wide skis thread) surprisingly good in bumps; much better than the old Huge Trouble. It is the slightly more forgiving tip and tail, I think, than the old model.  Excellent, predictable in soft bumps: it really eats up the terrain. You can predictably push it down on the back side of the bumps, and it likes to be in contact with the snow.  It likes to be driven; this is not a ski for backseaters;  to get the most out of it, you want to have the cuff of your boot engaged on the bumps: do that, and it rewards you with a very snaky, terrain absorbing feel that is predictable, smooth, and powerful.  


Overall, I loved this ski as well.  It is more of a high-speed, mixed condition and windpack ski than the Bent, which is more soft-snow oriented and lighter on the snow.  Both are great. Not that I am a big-mountain competitor, but I bet the Huge Rocker would be excellent there; as it is quite laterally stiff and will stick on anything.  I also really liked this ski and thought it was a great wide every-day type ski for bunches of new snow; would gladly own it as well.


Here is video of me on the Huge:

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