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2011 Dalbello Krypton Cross ID


Pros: super good edge feel/control, easy on/off, forward flex the way it should be

Cons: boot fitter types don't seem to recommend them???

Finally listened to some of the younger guys in ski school, I would come in and rant about how I hated my boots and they would say get a 3 piece, overlaps suck...  Money was tight but I found a almost new pair on e-bay and went for it. Wow!  Now trying to figure out why anyone skies in an overlap boot.


Pros: no overlap, adjustable flex, Intuition liner

Cons: none

I skied Tecnica Diablo Pros for 5 seasons and there were several things I disliked about them.  The first is that they had too much forward lean and were also too stiff for me.  I could flex them if they were really warm but couldn't flex them while skiing, something noted by three different PSIA examiners.  Also on very cold days I would often have blood on my instep after removing them.  After 4 years I had to replace the liners to get through the season and discovered Intuition liners and was able to stop using my Hotronic heaters.  I decided that my next boots would be either Dalbello Krypton series or Full Tilts, but only with an Intuition liner.  While I am still figuring out exactly how to buckle these I am really pleased.  The forward lean is just right and at the lowest setting, 90, I can flex these boots indoors or out.  The fit of the Intuition liner needs to be tweaked a bit but I have several days of skiing on these so far and they have been great.  I have all the control I need, they are comfortable and my feet do not get cold.  The added bonus is that, even on the coldest days, I will not rip the skin off my instep when removing them because the lower shell doesn't overlap.  I am now sold on the 3-piece boot design and cannot imagine ever going back to  2-piece boot.


Pros: Comfort,warmth,adjustability

Cons: Takes some getting used to

I tried on every boot shell in my local area that made sense for my narrow heel,small ankle,low volume,B-C width forefoot.  Boot fitters recommended, Lange RS,Salomon X3,Fischer RC4.....after being in a Doberman for most of this season I wanted anything but a race shell....the Salomon X3 was looking like THE BOOT,until I tried this boot on.  Stock out of the box this boot felt great,I had room where I wanted it and tension where I needed it.  One of the best features of this boot are the options,forward lean,flex and listen if you're tired of having your instep crushed give these boots a shot. I can't rate durability but I can say the more I ski them the more I like them. In fact I'll be looking for a pair of Pro ID so I have a firmer version for the good old eastern hard pack days!


Pros: no speed limit, comfortable

I got the 2010 version for about half price, they are the exact same boot save for some cosmetic differences. These are great boots the id liner makes it feel like your wearing a slipper. They are extremely responsive and let me ski without a speed limit. Theyr'e  comfort is the best feature .

2011 Dalbello Krypton Cross ID

lightly more forgiving in fit and function than the Krypton Pro. A softer flexing tongue and “Power Sole” rigid footboard are standard equipment. Available with optional ID Thermo “Silver” Custom Fit Liner. Krypton Series The KRYPTON series for 2010 has been updated and upgraded with a major shell re-styling. Krypton technology incorporates 3 piece “Cabrio Design” construction. Featuring a 98 mm fitting last, the anatomically sculpted lower shell is open above the instep in order to comfortably accommodate varying forefoot shapes and instep heights. “Cabrio Design” permits the use of plastics that are more rigid, more supportive, and more responsive because flex and entry are not compromised by the need to use soft and pliable structural materials. Unique Dynalink rearfoot retention system prevents shell bulge and distortion thereby maximizing power and quick energy transfer. Krypton is quickly becoming one of the most imitated skiboot architectures in the industry and is the choice of many of the world’s most talented and notable skiers such as Glen Plake, Brad Holmes, and Kim Reichhelm. LAST: 98 mm FLEX INDEX RANGE: 80 – 110 SIZES: 22 – 29.5 (most models)

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