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2011 Blizzard SL Magnesium Ski


Pros: Edge Hold / Responsive Despite Stiffness / Surprisingly Good in Crude

Cons: Have to Drive It

Here is my set-up:
2011 Blizzard SL Magnesium 165cm w/Marker Piston Plates
Marker Comp 20
Tecnica Race 130
I'm a fast 45 year old.  I'm 220 pounds and in good shape.  I ski aggressively.  I win my age group and I finish in the top five overall in my beer league.
I was not surprised at how well the edge hold was.  I have heard great things about this ski and the edge hold.  Once I set the arc, the ski held very well.  It didn't want to wash out at all on the tail but still was easy to initiate into the next turn.  I could ease it into the next turn and carve another big arc or lay into the tip and drive a slalom turn fairly effortlessly.  I was surprised at how well it skied crud.  I was in frozen crud...late season night skiing...mash potatoes and then frozen mashed potatoes.  It blasted through it.  I wouldn't want to ski this stuff, with these skis, but they responded well.  I think these will be an outstanding beer league ski for a tighter course.  I also was surprised that I could initiate turns at very low speeds.  These are very stiff and you need to be centered to maintain control.
In comparison to my usual ski, a Nordica Dobermann WC SL, I'd say the Blizzards are stiffer, significantly more powerful off the tail and easier to initiate in a turn.  In addition, my Nordicas do not absorb the vibrations as well as these in crud.  I'd also say that the Blizzards are a more difficult ski to ski well.  My mounting point was 1.5 cm towards the tip on the Blizzards as opposed to the Nordicas and I felt like I had much more tail than that.  I'm really curious to see how much speed I can generate working the tails out of each turn.  I also noticed that the Blizzards required a little more independent leg movement to carve the same arc. 
Bottom-line is that I love my Nordicas but I think the Blizzards are going to be faster.  I feel more nimble on the Nordicas but they don't have the pop coming off the turn that the Blizzards have.

2011 Blizzard SL Magnesium Ski

Blizzard’s all new slalom weapon makes no compromises on the slope. Extraordinary edge grip and direct transmission of power for fast and curvy lines down the mountain. This highly specialized high-tech ski for short and quick turns has an incomparable urge to race curves – the result of world-cup tested components.

Turn Radius
ConstructionTop Secret, Radius 13,0 m
Core Material
Binding SystemComp 16.0/20.0 EPS
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Model Year
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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