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2011 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski

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2011 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski

The Bent Chetler is the ski Chris Benchetler has always dreamed of. Atomic brought those dreams to reality by creating the most amazing powder ski to date. The ski has a revolutionary Pop Rocker 20 profile which combines the perfect amount of rocker in the tip and tail, while camber under foot delivers stable performance throughout turns. This profile coupled with bomber Step Down Sidewall L3 construction deliver one of the most versatile powder weapons on the planet!

Lengths183, 192
Turn Radius19m @ 183cm; 20m @ 192cm.
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBackcountry Freestyle
Recommended BindingFFG 14+; FFG 16 TEAM
Sidecut140/123/134 @ 183; 144.5/123/136.5 @ 192
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2011
Binding System
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

2011 Atomic Ben Chetler Review

by Dawgcatching



40" and up of new snow, the top 18" of which was blower dry; somewhat tracked up crud, and soft bumps forming at the end of the day. 


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, ski 30-50 days a year, overall high level of fitness


The Skis

2011 Atomic Bent Chetler, 183cm, mounted center w/Dukes. 123mm underfoot, tapered tip, 19m radius, fairly soft with quite a bit of sidecut underfoot.



This ski was just what the doc ordered for the deep conditions we were in.  As the tip is aggressively rockered and soft, with quite a bit of taper, it was a great tool for deep snow.


1st run: untracked, deep snow: the Bent is quite surfy, and kept me up on top of the somewhat light, somewhat heavy snow (wind loaded), at least as well as could be expected. It liked more of a medium-radius turn, and came around quickly. Float was excellent, and the tip stayed up well, better than the Huge Rocker.  I felt the center mount was a bit far forward for deep snow skiing.  It was actually hard to get a read on the ski in pure untracked snow, as the ski isn't really responding to much in terms of terrain.  But, it was a joy to ski.  Extremely easy to turn, huge sweet spot, very forgiving.


2nd run: somewhat tracked out deep snow, some blower crud. I was able to get a better read on the ski here.  In the somewhat tracked out stuff, I could let the ski rip a bit more (the super deep snow slows me down, the mountain actually skis better with less snow, as it isn't a steep mountain).  At speed, this ski was very playful in crud: light in weight, not stiff, and liked to bounce over the crud piles, rather than blast through them. Again, surprisingly forgiving: I didn't have to ski well to enjoy it, but when I really did focus on pulling my feet back and extending into the belly of the turn, the ski ate up the snow contact and really accelerated through the turn.  It was so light on the snow, and the tail was forgiving and seemed easy to recover off of, if in the back seat.  It was somewhat smeary, but not so much that it didn't like to arc, and in that respect, better than many of the reverse camber stuff out there. I didn't have to change my technique to ski the Bent: I could ski it aggressively, arc-to-arc, and it loved edge angle.  It wasn't as stable as the Huge Rocker here, but quicker edge to edge and wanted to be in a smaller turn radius


3rd run: choppy bumps, "ex" groomer (was a groomer at some point, before 12" of new snow fell on it): Again, the Bent impressed.  It was really quick, really fun, extremely nimble on the "groomer" section, which in reality was just a crud field with less snow than the off-piste stuff, and as such, I could ski it faster.  It really liked to skip through the transitions, but allowed me to load it up at the top of the turn. There was a bit of a loss of stability at higher speeds in rough snow.   In the soft bumps, it was also money; forgiving, easy, and smooth. The tail is so soft that it was easy to pilot. 



This is a ski that could make a lot of people happy.  The only downsides I found were a bit of loss of stability compared to stiffer skis in rough snow, and the 183cm feeling short, at least with the mounting point I was on.  Other than that, it was a really fun, multi-condition soft snow ski, and a ski that I would love to own.


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