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2010 Volkl Unlimited AC50 Ski w/ Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Binding Reviews

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What a slug!


Pros: uhhh ..none... except durability

Cons: Unresponsive, not good for any terrain or conditions..

This was a Tramdock purchase... loved that site... 2009 purchase so if this ski was improved for 2010/2011 I cannot speak to that.   I am an ex-owner of this ski and an advanced advanced skier... sold it because I thought it was such a slug!!!  This is coming from a guy the LOVES my Volkl AC4 that is missing a 1" piece of edge... (AC4 maybe my all time fav ski)..   Pros... uhhh... binding came with ski and was easy installation on my ow n without having to pay for it... stable ski in the crud.   Cons... too many to name.. but I will try.. Groomed terrain... twitchy ski ... weird twitchy ..carves a mean line... SOMETIMES... narrow sweet spot which...
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Captain Strato

Supreme Big Mountain Carver


Pros: Flawless edge-grip, easy turn initiation, and no speed limit. A powerhouse ski.

Cons: Adequate in powder and crud, but too stiff to be a real floater. Punches through soft snow. Will spank those with backseat or sloppy technique.

See my full review in the "Gear Review" section. I've owned a lot of skis.  The AC50 Unlimited is the best all-round ski I've tried. They're a BIG leap over my previous mid-fats; Atomic M:EX's. For screaming down steep hardpack, or executing perfect carves, the AC50's have few peers.  These skis handle virtually anything a big mountain can dish, except deep snow. They're too stiff for real powder performance, but they motor fine through crud and semi-deep. They can handle most bumps, except the big and deeply troughed.  Skis this burly aren't meant to noodle down the zipper line. They're best on steep, junky terrain, and hardpack.  They slice through variable conditions and carve any...
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 This is a real beefy ski and not for a lightweight. When demoing, try two sizes, where I would normally ski a 175-180, I actually preferred the AC50 in a 170. I think the desire for the tenacious edge grip was achieved at teh cost of vesatility. 

powerful ski requires attention


Pros: edge hold stability and surprisingly quick turn initation

Cons: bottomless or heavy powder

we demo skis regularly and usually are not too easily impressed.I had expected these to be fast, stable, built proof in crud and given that they are volkl have a great edge hold. What I did not expect and what convinced both myself and my ski buddy to buy a pair was that they could also be quick enough edge to edge to still ski bumps and chutes. Granted they are not for everyone they require aggressive precise driving to get those results. I would not recommend these skis anyone with poor technique or who is looking for a mellow cruiser/carver. If you get lazy or sit back they will slap you instantly. Will handle anything a big mountain can throw at you except (heavier) bottomless...
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Just Fun


Pros: Handles nearly everything

Cons: slow, no pop, heavy

Made the jump to my first all mtn ski.  Used to ski rossi S9's and volkl p50's, while i do miss the pop and maneuverability in moguls/glades, these skis eat up everything that you can find in the East.  The effort needed to turn is minimal and I can ski the whole day before my legs give out.    Wish the had a little more pop in them, but once your speed picks up these skis really become fun.  On a side note my bother bought the same skis and hates them.  Misses the quickness from his S9's.  This said if you are looking for a ski that can handle most of the mtn with ease and you are O.K. to take it a bit easier these skis are great.  If you...
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Volkl AC50


Pros: Crud, Groomed and Ice

Cons: Powder Wet Heavy Snow

I have had both these and the predesesor the AC4 for the last 4 years and agree with all the above posts that they like it going hard out but I found I got bogged down in wet heavy snow. After seeing  a guy fly past on a pair of rockered fats in heavy wet soft snow I demoed some Line Motherships and they cured the Powder Wet Snow bogged down problem after deciding to buy a pair. While I was a little nervous on iced groomers with these initially I now find them equally as confident on iced groomers as my AC50s. They do lack the carving feel of the AC50s though but its no big deal for me. I drive them with 130 flex boots which may aid my enjoyment with both the AC 50s and...
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Stout carver


Pros: Good carver. solid at speed

Cons: Not versatile, soft snow

I demoed these in a 184 and wanted to write up my thoughts. I am 5'10" and 200+ lbs and ski in UT. These things ski huge and the 184 is a real stout ride. These carve very nicely and hook right up with out any problem. They feel stout and powerful under foot and seem at home in long turns going fast. These skis are for people who want something that rips the groomers like a race carver but with a bit more stability in mixed conditions. These things don't like to smear and alternate turn shape in soft snow or bumps.  If you want a 50/50 ski look elsewhere

Best skies i ever rode


Pros: very wide, smooth landing when you jump, binding tention 5-14 , easy to carve on the powder and are stable on ice

Cons: for more advance skiers,

I am 182cm tall and 84kg without gear I bought the 177cm Volkl AC50 then suit me just right. I tried them on powder and on ice patches on the slopes. it is very stable on powder and what I especially like they are stable on ice patches, on my old skies I used to fall almost every time on ice but with AC50 that never happens. I consider myself to me intermediate to advance and after trying the skies on I understood that you need some skill before you can ride them, but if you are intermediate these skies will take you to advance and further, I cant wait to try them on black diamonds. one thing about the skies they ride better on high speed, the faster you go the more you realize the...
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