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2010 Volkl Gotama Ski Reviews

Positive Reviews


Gotama 2010 East Coast


Pros: Perfect i heavy powder, rain, and crud

Cons: Not Many, can be chattery if you don't stay on it.

This is a repete of a Gotam review in another thread, added here since this seems to be the review area... Gotama 2010.  I was in the market for Mantras and ended up demoing the 2010 Gotama as an afterthought.  So far I have 8 days on the 178 and 186 (I bought the 186, but would have been just as happy with the 178 for reasons below).   Stats: 210#, 6'0, Level 8-9+/-.  All of my skiing on these has been East coast, and I was fortunate to have 2 new snow days (9" and 10") a rain/winter mix day, and an ice cold hard pack day.   Overall I love the ski. The 178 skis VERY short, so short it is fun.  It is extremely quick, yet is is stable at high speed.  Clearly a better choice for East Coast...
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Negative Reviews


Mixed bag


Pros: Wood core, dampness, graphics

Cons: ELP, inconsistent performance, construction quality

Me - 6'1" 190lbs level 7-8, aggressive skier in PNW. Demo, try new skis often. These were my 3rd Volkl freeski in 2 years. Owned 185 Bridge - liked but far too stiff for there length, 177's would have been great but too little edge length. Not sure they deserved such high praise, kind of a ex racers twin. 2008 Katana - great ski, construction a bit too light and bent them but otherwise a great highly versatile ski. Bit much energy for heavy PNW snow but otherwise a deserved benchmark ski in it's size /style category.   Volkl 2010 Gotama - sadly I never had the older models which I suspect I would have loved based on my current skis and experience with the Katana's. ...
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More Reviews


Fun 2010 Gotama (Goat)


Pros: Fun Ski, could be a 1 ski quiver

Cons: Does Everything well but not great

 The ski is a lot of fun.  It is very maneuverable, handles about everything, can make tight turns as well as gs turns. This ski does everything really well but not great. Don't get me wrong, this was one of my favorite skis I have been on this winter.  BUT I enjoyed the Kuro better on powder days and the performance of the Goat on hard pack at high speeds will keep me from riding this ski on fast groomer days. If I could have only one ski, this would be it, but since I have a quiver, I don't think there is any room for this one. I have to note that I ride primarily at Mammoth Mountain, so the ice days are very limited. If I lived on the east coast where ice is more common, I would skip...
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