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2010 Line Mothership Ski


Pros: Stability, Control

Cons: None yet





Level 9ish


I got to try (finally) some Line Motherships in a 185 a week ago up at Sugar Bowl. I knew I was going to like them just by molesting them just a little bit back at the van before I took them out... I just didn't realize how much.


No fresh snow until late in the day, and a mixed bag of groomed, corn, soft, then some icy spots when it setup later in the day.


Previous to these skis, my favorite set was my 176 LP's. Everything that the LP's do, the Moships do better. I can't belileve how versitle they were. Stable, predictable, agile, ... and yes, dare I say it... playful.


You should have seen the look on the Rep's face when I told him I thought they were playful!


They are exactly what I love in a ski. They do EXACTLY what you ask them to do, no more or less. With the right application of speed and skill... anything was possible.


I never thought this kind of all around performance was possible with a ski of these dimensions.


And yes, I did buy a set.


Pros: Beefy, Damp, but lively

Cons: Heavy, and made in China

I like this ski for it's beefy midsection, damp, but lively feel, and cool graphics. Too bad it's so dang heavy! On top of that it's made in China.


Pros: Epic first ever set of skiis! learnt to ski fat first, can't go back to track snow.

Cons: Once learnt to use fat skiis, hard to find excitement on trails, so over all not many cons.

 need a new pair......
2010 Line Mothership Ski

Riding the Line Mothership Alpine Ski is like being abducted by aliens, except they re nice ones who take you on a spaceship ride to the Alaskan backcountry where they cheer you on while you lap 4,000 ft. powder runs above the tree line all day. It s the best because with the Line Mothership, this happens without hallucinogenic drugs, plus the aliens don t perform mind experiments on you. This ship s futuristically high-tech Metal Matrix construction offers you power where you need it, minus the weight. These may be superfat, but don t call them obese: they re limber enough to ride your ass down 50-degree slopes, responding to your every shift with extraordinary edge-grip and torsional responsiveness. Trust the Mothership to take you on the big mountain (free)ride of your life with its G-force Geometry, symmetric flex, and maple macroblock core. Just hold on tight.

Lengths185cm, 195cm
Dimensions142 / 111 / 131mm
Turn Radius[185cm] 24m
ConstructionMetal Matrix
Core MaterialMaple macroblock core
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig mountain freeride skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Binding System
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: A08009, Size: 185cmA08009-1854048387084257
Style: A08009, Size: 195cmA08009-195714636211777
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