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2010 K2 Tough Luv

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: All-purpose

Cons: All-purpose

I say the pros are the cons of this ski, but really, this is my favorite ski in my locker up at Bridger Bowl. I use it everywhere and for everything--and I have a pair of Lottas, Burnins, and Phats to choose from. I think that says something about my affection for this ski. I also have an outfit that matches the graphics (I have the 08 model) and the amber-jeweled 6-speed poles, so me and my Tough Luvs be look'n' complete. 


Disclaimer: I have been an ambassador for K2 Skis since 1988 and I've never skied a K2 I haven't wanted to keep.

2010 K2 Tough Luv

With a wider 88mm waist, the all-mountain Tough Luv speaks for itself. Incorporating a progressive sidecut and metal laminate, this ski offers maximum performance in soft snow still offering enough versatility on the hard pack days. Expert level skiers will be guaranteed power and precision with the integrated M1 binding system.

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