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2010 K2 Hellbent


Pros: Great float, perfect for switch landings and riding!

Cons: Puts you forward in powder due to the huge tail

The K2 Hellbent is exactly the type of ski you want if you are skiing in powder, soft snow, spring slop and anything you want to float above. Not best suited for heavy and aggressive skiers. This ski is ideal for those that want to take park to the back country. I found it the best ski for those heavy, manky spring days when everyone else is wallowing in their own pity because their skinny skis are knifing through the soft snow - whereas I would stay on top and open up the throttle.


Pros: float, versitility,can take on groomed even soft bumps

Cons: For it's intended use, not much

The Hellbent is 150-122-141 20/40 tip tail rocker, neutral/flat camber

mounted +6 with Griffons for a 306 BSL.  the 179 actually measures at 184


Me 6' 170


Where Skied:

Beaver Creek 6-8" fresh fairly heavy powder- trees, runs, bumps- a bit of everything

Vail - 6-8" of fairly light fresh powder- skied groomed powder-Bowls, big bumps, slushy bumped and even hardpack.


I skied this on 3 consecutive days this week. It took a few runs to get adjusted to the ski but once you get the timing of how the ski likes to turn/respond its a blast. Naturally,it has tremendous float but it has good energy, a good amount of pop and feedback and with the Griffons, felt pretty light underfoot. Super floaty and cushy ride wsa just fun. You can't bury the tips so you can really drive them. Although the tails are really soft, with this mount point, I had no issues with "Wheelying" I took a couple 3-5' drops and as long as you landed no further back than heels, they were very solid. Medium and Large turns in powder were more like skiing on soft groomers but with all the fun of powder. I really enjoyed skiing them in the heavier stuff, they made easy work of 1876 adn Buckboard at Beaver creek and I was able to carve big-ass turns down the headwall at the Beav. we headed into some easy trees off of Centenial lift area (I willpost helmet cam) and on fairly flat trees, they were quick and easy to turn after a little time of adjustment.


We headed over to Larkspur Bowl and made some runs there, not that I'm a good powder skier but where there were plenty of other skiers crashing in the heavy stuff, these just blasted through like it was light fluffy stuff. Next we hit som eof the Black bump runs off to the skiers right, here's where the soft tips and tails really helped out when charging hard on the hard bumps under the fresh stuff, very forgiving and fun.


Skied vail in 6-8" of powder, they were fantastic, floaty, fun responsive and on steeper headwalls, really held a nice line and were not deflected. Again on a headwall like "dragons Teeth" which is fairly steep and bumped, it railed. Again, others around me were crashing and the HBs ripped.


Groomers? Yes, Groomers! This thing railed soft groomers beautifully. I will post video, but with the wood core and keeping neutral, they blew me away.


Slush and crud were almost more fun than powder, the ski absolutely railed in it sending a huge spray while making nice meduim arcs on Rev's Ridge (something like that) great float and piled stuff was either crushed or you just blasted over it. The tips just couldn't be buried.


Overall this are not for everyone but I can't get over how well they performed and how much fun they were. These are really making ne think about a Icelantic Pilgrim for general use and just the HB's for everything else.

2010 K2 Hellbent

While other new school skis are experimenting with odd shapes and multiple sidecuts, the K2 Hellbent offers a somewhat traditional, wide narrow wide shape to get you home safely. If you ve been sitting on the reverse camber fence, use this ski to jump off. The significant tip and tail rocker will allow you to float through powder, crud and slush, and will also let you get jibby with the best of them. This is the ski that Pep Fujas uses to land zero spin cliff drops into bottomless pow. From Snowbird to Stowe you will now be able to add butters, wheelies and slashes to your vocabulary. Last season the K2 Hellbent was sold out just about everywhere. For 2008/2009 it returns unchanged with a slightly different graphic. -J. Barrell, Gear Guru

Lengths169, 179, 189cm
Dimensions150 / 122 / 141cm
Turn Radius[179cm] 23m
Core MaterialFir
TailTwin tip
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UsePowder, big mountain
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
BaseNot Specified
Recommended BindingNo
Top SheetTorsion Box
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S08300169, Size: 169cmS08300169714636237722
Style: S08300179, Size: 179cmS08300179714636237739
Style: S08300189, Size: 189cmS08300189714636237746
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