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2010 K2 Extreme Reviews


Fantastic all mountain skis


Pros: Really forgiving, look great

Cons: Not the best at speed

I demoed these skis at ESA Aspen and had a total blast on them.  They're incredibly forgiving and worked great on all types of terrain, everything from deep powder to groomers.  They're a bit chattery at speed because they're not incredibly stiff, but that's what makes them so fun in most other scenarios.  If you're interested, I suggest you demo a pair as well.



Pros: Retro Design, Stiffness, Tough Ptex

Cons: Top Sheets chip too easily

These are only my 2nd pair of K2s, my first were a pair of 185 Comps that I bought in the early 90s and had been my favorite ski of all time, and I've had many pairs of 90s-early 00 era skis.  This was also my first "fat" ski; I've skied my whole life on the East Coast until 2010, when I moved to California and was sold on these at the SF Ski Expo.  I was set on getting K2s and the retro design of these skis were reminiscent of the K2 Extremes Glenn Plake skied on 20 years ago.  I paired them up with a set of Marker Griffons and only got a couple days in of the epic 2010 season in Tahoe, for the last 2 seasons I've skied them in Colorado and they have worked perfectly in...
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Terrific all Mtn Ski


Pros: Stable on all but the most glacial conditions , very durable and easy on the knees.

Cons: None--

A great running ski over all terrain---woods, crud, hard pack, groomed and bumps. Absorbs rough terrain very well. A fun ski at high speed or low speed. Light weight and very durable. Love them -- just a lot of fun for an old guy that has not grown up (when it comes to skiing). Looking for another pair. At 5'8" 180 lbs, the 167s suit me well. Very cool ski.

love the ski


Pros: sturdy, has great pop, great for pow/park/and groomed, easy to control.

Cons: top chips easily

I've had these skis for this season and i love them. I like to go all over the mountain and these all mountain twins really let me do that. They were great in the pow right after storms and were great on newly groomed surfaces as well. I also took them in the woods and they did great. The only problem ive had with them is the rom graffics scratch and chip extremely easily. Also, directly under the top layer is a bright green layer so you can clearly notive every cosmetic chip. Other than that i loved the ski.
Ski the East

Great for Bumps, Spring Skiing


Pros: Forgiving in bumps, Hold a solid line when on edge

Cons: Relatively heavy for park

I just purchased a pair of the 09/10 Extremes as replacements for my 06/07 Public Enemies when they die (they're not dead yet...).  The later versions of the PE and the short-lived (2 yr) Extreme are the same ski.   I love my PEs in spring bumps, especially on steep slopes when I am skiing the fall line and get a bit outside my comfort zone.  Compared to my other (skinnier) skis, there's lots of surface area to keep in contact with the snow to help manage speed.  Also, when you just so happen to head directly into a bump, the big upturn on the relatively soft shovel will prevent you from "spearing" the bump (yes I've...
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2009 174cm K2 Extremes


Pros: easy turn initiation, pop, bumps

Cons: spinning, high speed turns, chatter

  Fun all mountain ski, one thing really nice about it is that not only on firmer snow but in softer snow it initiates turns easier than other skis of comparable width. Soaks up bumps and is really my favorite bump ski, poppy enough to hop over a few bumps in a row and it lands solidly into the next turn. Overall I ski it every day and my biggest gripe is that because of the heavy sidecut and soft flex it does not like to make larger radius turns, also as far as jibbing it seems to have a heavy swing weight.   Durability - It hasnt let a binding rip out yet but the top sheet on the sides gets gouged in pretty easily, a few of these i've covered up because you could...
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Excellent Performer


Pros: Cost & Performance

Cons: Top Sheet Durability

Great all mountain ski.  I tend to ski 80% moguls and 20% groomers.  The most noticeable trait of the Extremes is how stable they are at speed and how quickly they snap out of a turn.  The only negative is the durability of the top sheet.  At the end of an 8 hour day the skis have their battle wounds.  However, if you're looking for performance over pretty, this is the ski.

K2 Extreme: Versatile All-mountain Twin Tip.


Pros: Twin Tips, Triaxel Braided, Woodcore, Great Base (Durable and an awesome design), ABS Sidewalls

Cons: Scratches Easily on Top and Sides, "Wobbles," or "Chatters" at higher speeds

 Overall a really great ski. I live in the midwest, so not a lot of big mountain anything, but I'd say that this ski is great. I've never skied on twin tips before, and my first time out on them I had a blast riding switch. I found that they handled rough and icy snow pretty well, and they really had a good edge. I have Marker Free bindings on mine, and the air pad technology with the ABS sidewalls really made for good landings in the park. After racing one of my friends down the mountain, I started to feel a considerable amount of wobble and chatter as I reached faster speeds, but it was only a small nuisance. After a good 7 hour day of skiing there were a couple dings on the top corners...
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Public Enemy


Pros: Do everything ski, even powder (amazingly good at pow)

Cons: As good as you could ask for a true all mountain ski.

Big people might find the 179cm too short.
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