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2010 Kästle MX 88 Ski


Pros: best, most versatile skis ever.. feel the quality

Cons: price

A few weeks ago I demoed the Kastle MX 88 at Mammoth and loved it.  2 weeks later I went back to Mammoth and demoed the Stockli Stormrider VXL and also loved it.  The next day after demoing the VXL I decided to buy the Kastle MX 88s.  Only after skiing each ski back to back did I become disappointed with the MX 88.   Both skis will perform perfectly anywhere, but I preferred the Stormrider's stable and smooth ride over the MX 88's energetic playful feel.  I couldn't justify paying so much money on a ski that was only second so I decided to bite the bullet and pay a restock fee to make the exchange.

Kastle: 128-88-113  radius: 17.5 @ 168
Stockli: 126-86-111  radius: 17.6 @ 169

As you can see the dimensions are basically the same.  However, the two skis each have a very distinct feel to them.  I think this comes from the way their tips are shaped.  The Kastle's tip is more turned up and so it skis slightly shorter.  The Kastle's tip is also slightly softer so it feels a little more playful and has slightly more snow feel.  The Stockli feels heavier when skied, but also feels more stable.  The Stockli's tip is not turned up as much as the Kastle's so it skis slightly longer.  Overall I preferred the Stockli over the Kastle, but its mostly about personal preference.  

Either way these two skis are easily the best skis I've ever been on.  They have helped me reach a level of skiing that I never thought was possible for me.  

A word of warning: demo the Stormrider VXL and the Kastle MX88 back to back to get an idea of which ski you like the feel of.

Groomers/Hard Snow: Stockli
Bumps/Quickness: Kastle
Crud: Stockli
Speed/Stability: Stockli
Powder: Kastle
Durability: Stockli (kastle's white top sheet shows scratches and dents easier)
Versatility: Kastle 
2010 Kästle MX 88 Ski

The MX88 is a true freeride ski with unrivaled power,stability and control to handle every imaginable condition on the mountain.

Lengths158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 188cm
Dimensions128 - 88 - 113
Turn Radius20m @ 178 cm.
Core Materialwood
Binding System
Recommended UseFreeride
Recommended Binding
Sidecut128 - 88 - 113
Additional Info
Model Year2010
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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