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2010 Kästle FX 84 Ski


Pros: Lightweight and powerful

Tester: 43 year old Female, 130 lbs 5'6", Advanced skier.
Equipment Tester usually skis:
 Hart Beat(77w) 162cm, Volkl Kiku (105w) 168cm, Blizzard Mag SL 155cm(64w), 
Skis Primarily on Michigan mole hills but has taken to some teensy weensy trips to some
Mountains with many more to come! 
Comfort zone of tester: Confident with speed, varied terrain & steeps, improving in Bumps and trees.

Manufacturer: Kästle Skis
Model: FX84
Length: 168
Category & Dimensions AM CARV POW:
All Mountain Midfat
Sidecut:   122-84-110
Radius:   18m (@ 176cm) 20m (@ 184cm)
Construction:   Sandwich construction
Core:   Ash/Poplar

Binding: Marker Griffon
1=Poor 2= Fair 3=Average 4=Very Good 5=Excellent
1 2 3 4 5
Short Turns 3
Medium Turns 4 
Long Turns 5
Rebound 5
Stability 5
Forgiveness 4
Grip 5
Steeps 5
Crud 5
Powder 4
Ice 4
Overall Impression 5

Tested Length Felt: 
Just Right 
Ski Sidecut Felt:
Just Right
Ski Flex Felt:
Surprisingly, just right

Best Described As:
Light weight and powerful

Notes: I’ve been hearing a lot about the new found love for an old friend in the Kastle ski world,
and thought I may demo some day when I had the chance, but since there is no one in the
Michigan with the brand I figured I’d have to wait to try them out when on a trip.
  Surprisingly enough I didn’t plan a road trip around the possibility of demoing these skis.

First impressions:  This ski is light weight which makes you think it won’t stand up to the aggressive
skier, or rugged terrain, ……until you click in and take ‘em for a drive. 
This lightweight nimble ski has the power to bark like a big dog!

Maiden voyage: My first turns of the season happened a few weeks ago at Stowe,
which is when I seized the opportunity to demo these skis.
I had beat myself up pretty good for three days of skiing and was a bit fatigued,
adding to the fact that we had some significant apres’ ski that left me with a bit of sleep deprivation.
Woke up on Monday morning to see fresh snow, YAY, but wait! 
It was several inches of heavy sticky snow that would prove to be a challenge.
The friend I was skiing with generously allowed me to do a warm up run on some blues before
taking the second run down Lift Line, fully expecting my lack of sleep and fatigued legs to let me down,
but the FX84 didn’t let me down!   
Granted, the snow was challenging, but the Kastle FX 84 handled it better than I expected and put a 
big fat grin on my silly face!

Trip to my Home Mountain……..errrrrrr, Hill:
With new boots dialed in and my very own Kastle FX84’s in the quiver,
I headed to my home mountain with a whopping 375 ft of vertical and 8 inches of fresh snow, 
I headed for the steeps and trees.
  The FX 84 made turn initiation a cinch in the trees and set up a platform for dropping into the
gorge with confidence.
The Kastle FX84 is in a prime position to be my “go to” ski! 

Trip to the mountains 
Heading to Snowmass in three days, will report back!

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Cons: PRICE...?????

2010 Kästle FX 84 Ski

Kästle FX84 Speed. Versatility. Performance. A climbing oriented, stable and responsive all condition, all terrain ski. Waist 84mm: Adaptable to varying slope and snow conditions. The running surface is increased about 27% in comparison with a classic on-piste ski. The lightweight construction in combination with the increased waist delivers an all around, reactive and stable ski. Ski- geometry: The SINGLE RADIUS masters varying conditions and difficult terrain. The sidecut provides a smooth, precise ride. Wood core: The core is constructed a block-glued poplar (0.4kg/dm³) massive for maximum weight reduction.Moreover the core is made of ash and silver fir. Features: The unique construction uses a 0.3mm titanal base sheet and a 0.3mm top sheet achieving significant weight reduction and delivering high stability on-piste. This ski has highly durable sidewalls of ABS, constructed to withstand demands backcountry terrain. The Double Hollowtech reduces the mass creating a quicker response and more precise carve. Wear protection: A 45°aluminium bevel at the surface of the ski, distributes impact and protects against mechanical wear.

Turn Radius
Core Material
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Additional Info
Model Year
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


From Dawgcatching's 2011 Ski Reviews: Mid-Fat skis, 80-100mm Waists, 11/28/10


Kastle FX84: same construction as the FX94, again billed as a backcountry ski or lightweight resort ski. 84mm underfoot. Also reviewed in the Kastle thread, so here is the re-post:



These were tested over several days: conditions included lots of manmade snow, firm and rock-hard bumps, fast groomers, a few inches of new snow, steeps, icy chutes, some heavy new snow, and a fair amount of crud.  Since I only got a couple of runs on these skis, for the most part, I didn't do the 1-10 scale for these skis.  


About Me

5 foot 9, 155lbs, competent all-mountain skier, and could zipper-line double-black bumps for the first time in my life by early spring.  Probably ski 40-50 days per year.  I tend to enjoy big open, high speed bowls, bumps, trees, fast groomers.  My skiing speed is fast to full-on. Overall fitness is high, as I am on my road bike 15+ hours a week 9 months of the year, and race pro-level races as a Cat1. 



You have probably heard a lot about this ski: light, thinner profile, but still with some metal, which results in a very high performance touring/AT ski.  This was tested in 176cm, and has an 18m radius.  Layup is 2 sheets of .3mm of titanium, and a thinner wood core profile.  This ski is light, and is designed for little compromise on backcountry descents. It definitely doesn't feel like the MX series!  Much lighter underfoot, very lively, different feel than I have had on any high-end ski.  Still had the wood-core “dampness” somewhat, but not the grounded to the snow feel of the MX series, probably due to the lack of weight in the ski.   When compared to the MX88, I would guess hard-snow hold was probably 85% as good: it held, but didn’t lock in quite as well as the stiffer MX 88.  Stability was not far off, but again, it got bounced more in rough snow.  It was pretty fun in bumps as well: softer flex, not too much sidecut=a solid bump ski. A big difference in comparison to the MX series was the lower speed limit; at big speeds on the frontside of Winter Park, especially when it went from boilerplate to piles of scrubbed-off snow, the ski was a bit bouncy.  In primarily off-piste conditions, where this ski is most likely to be used, that probably won’t be an issue.  I liked the combination of flex and weight, and it seems this ski will ski circles around most any other backcountry ski I have tried.

Also, I think this could be a credible, if not formidable, in-bounds choice for any technically skilled, yet lighter weight skier who doesn’t have the strength or weight to flex an MX series ski.   One would just have to get used to the very light weight of the skis on the snow; it is lighter than most women’s skis I have tried.  Not that I have skied every AT ski around, but of those I have tried, this is easily the best.



Pros: light, extremely solid for an AT ski, as capable as most resort skis, but without the extra weight. Very refined feel, extremely forgiving.

Cons: not as light as some AT skis, expensive, a little light and not as stable as the resort MX series.

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