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2010 Icelantic Shaman


Pros: maneuverability, floatation

Cons: probably not so good on ice

I bought these because I wanted twin tips for teaching and I also wanted something that was better in deep snow than my Volkl Supersport Allstars.  I bought 161cm, the same length as my Volkls because I get along better on somewhat shorter skis, being only 5'8" and 145-150 pounds.  I had them mounted with Marker Schizo Griffon bindings.  These have become my favorite skis and I use them almost all the time because they're so much fun.  Obviously they handle powder and crud quite well but they are also a blast on the groomers because they really carve very well and accelerate out of the turns quite nicely.  They are particularly fun for doing railroad tracks on a couple of low angle green groomers we have at Red Lodge.  I've timed a couple of my runs on there using the Shamans and the Volkls and for me the Shamans are faster by a fair amount.  I've also been amazed at how well they handle in the bumps.  I first tried them on a short blue bump run and have progressed up to fairly long black bump runs and haven't had any problems at all.  The 173s or 184s might be a different story but, for me, the 161s are great.  I've pretty much settled into skiing these with the bindings set at 1cm behind BC, no matter what the conditions are.  This is maybe where all my bindings should be set since I seem to have better control. 


In short I've never had so much fun on a pair of skis in my 45+ years of skiing.  I only gave them 3 stars for durability because I don't yet know about durability.

2010 Icelantic Shaman

With a truly unique shape and design, The Shaman balances the skier’s weight allowing a forward, powerful powder turn unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The Shaman provides excellent maneuverability while its 160 mm tip rivals even the biggest powder skis in floatation and stability. And don’t be fooled by the wide girth, the Shaman rips the groomers with its aggressive sidecut and torsional rigidity. This powder ski will leave trenches on the hard-pack. Seriously.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Deep Snow & Powder Skis › 2010 Icelantic Shaman