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2010 Head SuperShape Magnum Skis Reviews

Positive Reviews


Absolutely Nothing Wrong with These Skis


Pros: Very Responsive

Cons: Can't think of any

I demoed these twice last season.  Great ski - very responsive, very stable at speed, although my 'at speed' is not really all that fast.  I did find that it's stability, responsiveness and short turning radius instilled a lot of confidence in my skiing and I increased my 'typical' skiing speed substantially.  My son skis on Head Supershapes and loves them.  I was soooo close to buying a pair, than decided to go fatter under foot (81 -87 range).  I may still pick up a pair one of these days  - absolutely nothing wrong with these skis.  For what they're designed to do - and their dimensions - I would venture to say that they're probably one of the very best skis out there (from my modest...
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Negative Reviews

More Reviews

Bob Peters

OUTSTANDING all-mountain ski


Pros: Quick, smooth, damp, powerful, easy at slow speeds, rock-solid at high speeds

Cons: A little narrow underfoot for REALLY deep snow. Some feel it's a little soft for a heavier skier but I don't share that opinion. I'm 6'1", 195#.

I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and ski essentially every day at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  I use the 177cm SuperShape Magnum as my main, everyday ski for this mountain.  I use a pair of 187cm Head Mojo 94's as my "deep snow" skis, but I probably spend 70% of my time on the SS Magnums.   As far as credentials, I'm a part-time instructor at the Jackson Hole Ski School and I spent a bunch of winters as an alpine guide for backcountry skiing here at Jackson Hole.  I love ANY kind of skiing at our mountain, from hard, smooth groomers through crud and powder in trees and chutes. There are many things I like about the SS Magnum.  It's a "forgiving" ski at slow speeds.  I can very easily...
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Easy and soft, then lay them over and WHOOSH!


Pros: smooth, damp, steerable

Cons: heavy (but what do you expect for a smooth, damp ski?)

 They feel relaxed, amiable, almost soft.  Then pick up some speed and lay them over and WHOOSH!  Suddenly you're on rails. Apparently it's that Head Intelligence stuff.  They seem to get stiffer as you go faster.  And of course they have that famous Head dampness that allows one to ski faster through rough snow. Not that I'd intentionally ski off-piste with these-- they're the carving ski in my quiver-- but they're soft enough do OK in the unpacked. It's carving on hard snow where they shine.  My pair are only 170's, but they felt fine on a steep groomer at 40mph.  Like a soft GS ski, but good for shorter radius turns. PS: they were $300 because they were used.

Great one-ski-quiver for ex-racers and high-performance skiers.


Pros: Do-it-all skis: boilerplate to powder, trees to gates, these skis are quite capable.

Cons: Not as tenacious with edge hold as SS Speed or a full-on race ski, topskins a bit delicate.

These skis were a bit of an impulse buy, but I love them.  They work well in the east, where boilerplate rules the day, and also do well in the west, where the powder falls like endless manna. The topskins are a bit delicate (I've had to repair mine after a run in with a stump), but the skis hold their camber well from season to season.

Does it all (well almost)


Pros: Full laminate. Great front side ski that can still go into the bowls and chutes. Responsive and very stable.

Cons: Heavy but doesn't affect performance. Not cheap.

I was looking for a pair of skis to replace a pair of 05 Supershape WC that were stolen.  I skied on Rossi 9X WC, Stockli Laser Pro, Head Monster 78, and The SS Magnums.  Each of these is a great ski but it depends on your needs.  My boys are into racing so I spend a lot of time with them on the front side groomers.  I ended up with the SS Magnums in a 170.  I weight 165, love to ski fast with strong carving turns.  The Magnums are not like my previous skis.  THey are wider underfoot and have a more even feel throughout the skis.  My previous skis where a slalom cut, very quick from edge to edge, and stiffer in the tail.  The Magnum are somewhere between a SL and  GS ski.  I took them to...
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A short radius ski that makes a nice long-radius turn


Pros: Does a little of everything well

Cons: Obviously you'd want something wider in the deep stuff

Right now, this is my favorite ski I've ever owned.  I'm not that big into tighter slalom side cuts as I don't have quick reflexes but this ski makes very nice longer-radius turns for a ski with R=13.5.  Some tighter-radius skis I've been on are only fun if you turn turn turn all the time.  These, I can lay off and cruise when I want.  Then, get a bit higher on edge and get on them to bend them a bit and they'll lay down some tighter arcs. I find it fine in the bumps and trees too.  It can carve or you can lay off and slip if you want.  I love bumps and trees and really like the skis in those conditions in addition to ripping up groomers. I find it odd that this ski is listed under Head's...
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