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2010 Head iSuperShape Speed


Pros: Wicked fast, slice and dice on hard pack, quick in the bumps

Cons: Tossed around a bit by chopped up crud

I demo'd these at Vail for one day in perfect Spring conditions:  Hard in the morning, slushy at noon, pre-cast concrete in the afternoon after the sun went out.  I skied the '09-'10 Speeds with white topsheet, 116-68-100 with a radius of 15 m, I think.  I am 6'2", 200 #, and had 178 cm skis.  My first impression was 'Wo, these are stiff!"  But they are a carver's dream, quick edge to edge, never skidded out on what passes for ice at Vail.  Completely stable at any speed.  Very quick in the bumps - in fact sort of felt like cheating somehow.  Off piste was more of a struggle, but they were serviceable.  They tended to get pushed around a bit by piles of heavy crud, but that may have been due to the length which is a bit shorter than I usually ski or maybe the stiffness.

All in all a great ski for break-neck speeds on hard pack and carving around and through bumps.  Off-piste they require a little more attention to detail but can handle mashed potatoes.  Seemed to be the choice for every day but a powder day.


Pros: Quick edge to edge, stable at speed, lively

Cons: Not a favorite in deep powder

Coming from a 750' vertical hill and liking to make alot of turns to make the run longer, this is the perfect ski.  The ski performs well on edge and takes some getting used to if you want to take the ski into the bumps.  Have had it out west in deep powder and the wide tip and tail provided adequate floatation, but have considered trying the magnum version to see how it handles powder.
2010 Head iSuperShape Speed

Our brand new race-carve-oriented Supershape is top-of-the-list for ski instructors and experts: Versatile, with a sidecut between Slalom and GS, with enough speed in reserve to be in absolute control of the mountain.

Turn Radius11.3
Core Material
Binding System
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Additional Info
Model Year2007
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
SS Slalom
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Carving Skis › 2010 Head iSuperShape Speed