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2010 Hart Pulse


Pros: Edge hold is #1, tight turn radius is #2

Cons: Might be too tight of a radius for non-carvers, perhaps too soft for really heavy skiers

I bought these skis on a whim because the price is right, and everyone I have talked to about the ski raved about its performance. When I had to opporunity to get a pair I couldn't turn them down. I had previously been looking at the Head IM78 in a 177... I think this ski compares nicely to that ski, but is beefier and probably better everywhere accept for in bumps. The best part about the Hart is there is (from what I can tell) no metal in them so I don't have to worry about bending them I don't think... Anyhow, on to the review of how these perform.


When I set out to find an "all-mountain" ski I didn't want a ski that fit the usual "all-mountain" mold of being essentially good at nothing. I wanted a ski that would allow me to keep my expected performance on groomers (racer), blast through variability in snow surface conditions, and be able to be skied everywhere on the mountain when I am out west and there hasn't been snow for awhile. This ski fits the bill with exceptional edgehold, a turny-GS-like feel to the ski, great energy out of the turn, and a race-ski-like dampness and power to the feel of the ski. As a lighter skier (160lbs) I find this to be a stiff ski that requires some attention to stay with (much like a race ski). A heavier skier may find it to be a bit more user friendly, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to a low-level skier. The ski requires solid skills to ski on. If you can't carve or don't like to carve - look toward something else because these skis love to turn. At high enough edge angles they will actually come close to making slalom radius turns. For a 180cm, 16m ski, this is impressive. Overall, it is a pretty demanding ride, but a racer or other adept skiers will love it. It isn't a powder ski by any mean, but I have faith in its ability to handle anything that I throw at it.


As a side note, I have skied these skis at the manufacturer's marked mid-sole line as well as 1cm forward of that line. On the line, they skied very good, but felt too far aft (and I usually mount my skis behind the manufacturer's line). At 1cm ahead of the line the skis are much more versatile (much better in bumps and short turns). For those who aren't extremely forward aggressive skiers I would recommend mounting 2+cm forward of the line.

2010 Hart Pulse

From Hart: Lively, maneuverable, versatile and lots of fun this ski comes with an exciting V7.0 4D graphic top sheet. It loves to carve up the groomers and then go over and play in the soft stuff. Energetic and snappy, yet smooth and predictable in rough snow and crud. This ski takes on a variety of conditions with confidence.

Lengths152, 162, 170, 180
Turn Radius11.5m, 13m, 14.5m, 16m (per lengths listed above)
ConstructionSandwich construction; no metal; wood core
Core MaterialWood
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseSofter snow carving, days when it hasn't snowed in awhile
Recommended Binding
Additional Info
Model Year2009
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Carving Skis › 2010 Hart Pulse