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2010 Hart Javelin World Cup Slalom Ski


Pros: It's a great slalom race ski.

Cons: It's a great slalom race ski--heavy, narrow, stiff, short....

This is a hand-built, race-stock FIS-compliant slalom race ski. It is beautifully constructed in Italy, by one of the most-respected builders of high-performance skis in Europe.


As a slalom race ski, the Javelin stands among the finest you can buy. It is a purpose-built ski, meant to carve short-radius turns at speed on hard snow--and it does this superbly. But--especially with the heavy Vist binding and plate system on mine--it is fairly heavy. And as a narrow-waisted, typically stiff race ski, it is a demanding ski in many conditions, requiring precision and attentiveness at the least! Personally, I like heavier skis, and I have skied this ski in every possible condition except bottomless, light powder. There are easier and more forgiving skis for bumps and soft or variable snow, but if skied aggressively and attentively, these can cut it anywhere (like any good slalom race ski). But hey--that's not what they're meant for, anymore than a Forumula 1 race car is meant to go off-road. For their intended purpose, these Hart Javelins do the job spectacularly!


 First of all, I am not a racer, second of all, this is one fun ski. As a world class slalom ski, it could be skied as hard as anything but it can also be skied and enjoyed by a skier who knows how to carve a turn. If this ski was a car, it would be a M3, could be used as a grocery getter just as it could be on the track. 


The mount point is critical on the ski and varies with users, I would suggest an adjustable plate binding. 


Pros: Soft, quick, easy to ski compared to other SL race skis

Cons: Soft, not as stable as comparable FIS SL skis

If you're looking for a race stock slalom ski that you can feel comfortable on everywhere - this is your ski. They are not nearly as demanding as conterparts from other companies. I would defintiely recommend them for someone who is not a competitive racer and wants a ski them can ski all over the mountain. Even in fresh snow the tips are wide enough to keep the skis on top of the snow and still be able to pull off nice short radius carves. Serious racers, heavy skiers, or skiers who want a powerful ski should probably look elsewhere. Skiers who want a versatile slalom ski that is at home in a course and out of one should put this on their short list.


If this were a review for an all-mountain short turn carver this ski would get 5 stars. Being that it is a SL race ski, it lacks in areas that more mainstream race skis deliver such as edgehold, overall performance, rebound, and edge feel. Be careful of the top sheet as well... they have a tendancy to chip or slice (off) if you happen to fall while the skis are crossed and the edges of one ski dig into the edges of the other.

2010 Hart Javelin World Cup Slalom Ski

FIS compliant slalom race ski.

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