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2010 Fischer Watea 94 Reviews


Fischer Watea 94 Alpine Ski


Pros: Smooth, stable, quick, light, versatile, for everything but hard bumps or ice.

Cons: Can chatter and lose edge on ice, and bit of handful for tight bumps.

 In just about any kind of conditions or terrain - these skis rip!  Definitely best in softer conditions. Groomed - they carve and rail with fun pop.  Bumps, not really zipper line ski, but a quick carver considering the 94 waist to dance in/on/around/off moguls; best in soft and spaced moguls for sure. Crud - solid and smooth right through and/or over at high speeds -very good tracking with a light feel.  Deep pow - no tip dive, good enough float, easy to get speed, steer well at slow or fast speeds.  Steeps-easy to throw around, change turn shape, and crampon like edge hold.  Trees- quick, floaty, and maneuverable -a blast.  Did I say fast. These handle speed very well, haven't found...
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Fun ski - good for 50/50 on/off piste


Pros: Solid in crud, powder

Cons: Soft topskin

I've had these skis out twice in very springlike conditions @ Alta & Snowbird.  My previous ride was on Head Mojo 90's, and these are quite similar.  Good edgehold on groomers and better crud skiing are the major improvements over the Mojo 90's, and I would expect better powder performance too.  With the bindings in the 'neutral' position, they did not have the tail snappiness I'd expected, but once I adjusted them so my boot center was about 1 inch to the rear, I got what I wanted.  The con mentioned was the soft topskin that I seem to be able to shred long stringers of plastic off.  This may be due to sharp edges, but seems worthy of note.  I'm skiing the 186 length (me 6'5", 205...
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Watea 94 - Great Ski


Pros: Light, Fun, Forgiving

Cons: Short carved turns

Great all around ski for Western conditions.  Very easy to initiate turns.  Supprising light and quick for its width.   Railroad track GS turns on groomers.   Seems to handle crud well.  We have not had any dumps since I bought these so I can't speak to how they handle powder but they have been great in mixed conditions and on groomers.  

Watea 94


Pros: easy turning, playful, energetic, highly manueverable

Cons: "planky" feel on hardpack

Me: 5 10, 195.  Bought as a complement to RX8/Speedwave 12 carving skis, with Alta and spring skiing in mind. Pros:  Fun, lively  and playful in fresh snow. Higly manueverable in tight trees, found myself looking for trees to slice between.  Never worry about making the turn.  Never feels long despite 186 length. Nice float and feels solid on drops, jumps, etc.  Fun in soft bumps / powder covered bumps. Cons:  while it can make railroad track turns, it takes a lot of patience. Wont hold an edge if turned too sharply cross hill, (but thats not what it is designed for).  Feels clunkly/planky on hardpack landings, ie jumping out of the woods onto a catwalk  
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › All-Mountain Skis › 2010 Fischer Watea 94 › 2010 Fischer Watea 94 Reviews