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2010 Dynastar Legend Sultan 85

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #10 in All-Mountain Skis


Pros: Good float in powder /crud, forgiving in bumps

Cons: Not a short turn carving ski and a little slower edge to edge than my eastern carvers but I didn't buy them to carve groomers

I'm 5'8', 160, age 54 and have always skied a narrow waisted slalom or all mountain carver which is perfect when I'm lapping high speed groomers on the steeps of Whiteface in typical (if there is such a thing as typical) eastern conditions.  However, like many eastern skiers I'm a frustrated powder hound who will drop anything to get out on an infrequent powder day.  I bot the Sultan 85's (165's) as a second ski and better option to my heavy metal super carving Blizzard XCross's (168's & 67 under foot) for powder/crud days and frequent forays into the trees.

I didn't expect the Sultans to replace my Blizzards, but after 5 days on these boards, I'm almost convinced that this is a do it all ski.  I got the skis just before the recent big storms that dumped 50" on Whiteface & Gore Mt. and over the past two weeks i've skied them in powder, crud, cement, groomed and spring conditions, in the bumps, woods and steeps (Whiteface Slides). The Sultans are a blast to ski and compared to my carvers they are softer and more forgiving in the bumps with good edge hold on steeps, good float in crud/powder and less work in uncharted tree runs.  The only situation where I wanted my carvers (obviously) was when I was carving high speed runs on hard snow. The 85's will carve but they are not as quick edge to edge and it takes some getting used to putting them on edge.  I expect to do 60% / 70% on my skiing on the Sultans.  I highly recommend these skis.


Pros: great edge grip; solid platform

Cons: not really a con, but they don't like going sideways....point em' straight down

12/23/09 - First day on my new skis (172s) and I tore up some nice NE packed granular. These skis rip. I'm a bit large (read fat) -  5'10", 208 and I was a bit concerned that these would be a bit too soft and turny. In fact, I was fully prepared to buy a pair of Mythic Riders (which I had skied out west and really liked), but the Dynastar rep at the Boston ski show suggested I should get the Sultan. He was right, I was wrong.

Granted there really wasn't a variety of conditions to compare the performance on, but the skis are rock solid, have tremendous edge grip, and don't require a lot of muscle to get top performance out of it. In comparison, I skied a pair of Volkl AC50s last year and felt like I had to stay on them in order to get them to do anything. I'm 40, it's too much work. In contrast, I was doing top to bottom burners on the Sultans bell to bell yesterday...what fun. They don't get squirrely at high speed either.

At 85mm underfoot, it is no problem to ride rails. They may feel a bit soft in the shovel, but they are torsionally stiff and you can arc both long and short turns. One word of caution, they don't like going sideways. Whether you arc long or short turns you have to keep the ski in the fall line otherwise you'll end up chattering your teeth. My point being, if you are still skidding your turns, this might not be the ski for you.

update 3/31/2010

Skied 5 days last week @ Snowbird/Alta with these and they rocked. Skied re-freeze crud, dust on crust, sun-baked powder, and fresh powder (8") and the Sultan's were game for it all. They initiate and hold turns well; provide adequate float (but it wasn't deep powder); and it was easy to stay centered on them no matter the conditions or the pitch.

....glad I bought them!


Pros: Large sweet spot for carving everywhere

Cons: Encourages good form... no taking a break

I'm 6'0" 185 lbs, 51... after demoing around and seeking advice from best ski buddies, I bought 165s at the start of last season, skied them about 35 days and can't say enough good things about them. I'm all  ski mostly New England, usually find me in powdery bumps, steeps, trees, once in a while on the groomers - usually when friends drag me there. Best day yet was 2 weeks ago after a foot of new snow at MRG - that made my short list of epic ski days.


Pros: Amazing balance between maneuverability & stability, float & edge-grip

Cons: A bit of early rise in the tip would improve float without giving up much edge-grip

I've been using the 165cm's (I'm 5'5" and 130lbs) as my hard/mixed condition ski's this year - they replaced my Watea 84's which were light n' lively but very unstable.  I demo'd them in some early season mixed conditions vs. the Icelantic Pilgrims, K2 Aftershock, Rossi S86, Solly Lord...and they blew these and my W84's away (and seemed superior in all ways to my memory of the 8000's I demo'd a couple of years ago). 


So far they have not disappointed - I've had them in bumps and trees, in fairly hard (for CO) conditions and up to about a foot of fairly light pow over a firm base (though for mankier/deeper snow I'm definitely on my wider rockered skis since the tips on these babies do like to carve).  They are magically both easy to use and powerful, lively and highly maneuverable yet very stable...though in longer lengths who knows (based on some of the other reviews below).  Highly recommended as a mixed condition ski for an advanced or lighter expert skier (heavier experts seem to be going wider these days)!


Pros: quick turn initiation, floats great, stable, crud blaster, loved the groomers

Cons: super icy not the greatest

I picked these up used which seemed brand new when they arrived. I used the skis out at Snowbird and Alta during an incredibly strange week of rain, to ice/hardpack, to 18 inches of pow, to loose powder and grooms. The ski was so exceptional in all of the conditions aside from the crazy ice developed after the rainstorm. I am an East Coast skier who had not seen this type of powder in years so I was hoping these skis would make it a great day and it certainly did....I have had trouble with powder once before in 3 ft of snow at Killington when using a 73 inch waist ski. These skis just simply made it so easy. I floated a full day at Alta on this ski which no quad burn and simply had a huge smile. The last day we were banging thru the trees in gad valley and these also were so nimble and easy to manage. Cant say enough good things about this ski. Taking them to Breckenridge next week so truly excited about the proposition!


Pros: heh

Cons: same thing

Skied on a pair of Sultans I rented at Snowbird this past spring. I've owned & skied on the older Legend 8000 & 8800 for several years & the Sultans just aren't the same. They seem stiffer & definetly not as stable. They also had a more tinny sound & feel, not as solid & quiet as the older model Legends. My 8000's are 178 & 8800's 182, the Sultans I rented were 178. The older model Legends are a much better ski in my opinion. I'm 6' & 185lbs. I hope I can find an adequate replacement for my older skis when I need to.


Pros: Versatile, good narrow ski in western quiver.

Cons: Not much.

I am 5'10" and 200+lbs and ski in UT. I got the 178 which is probably as short as I would want to go. I got this size because I was looking for versatile narrower ski for a little bit of everything to round out my quiver. So far I am very pleased with it. The ski has a firm flex throughout, with the exception of the tip is noticeably a bit softer than the rest. It also has a bit of early rise in the tips. This makes them a bit slow to engage on groomed runs compared to other similar midfats.


Another thing to not is that my skis came with a weird tune from the factory. I think alot of the complaints on this ski are probably related to the tune. Once I got the base to 1 and side to 3 degrees the performance really improved.


The ski gives good snow feel with out being twitchy and has some snap in the trails and solid grip for laying trenches on the groomed runs. But its not going to be confused with a race ski on true hard pack. Its manoeuvrable enough to take into the trees with out hesitation and rides well in soft stuff. But its more deliberate and edgy than a fatty. The Sultan has a good stable feeling at speed and Crud doesn't seem to bother it much, but its not a crud slaying battle ship.


The construction seems well built so far, but its hardly been abused at all. Just a solid all rounder for a mix of front side and  off piste.


Pros: responsive, held edge, sneered at bumps

Cons: My quads ache

 57 YO, intermediate, 5'8", 142lbs. Demoed at Stevens Pass, WA, conditions warm day before and freeze overnight. Usual Cascade Concrete.

Looking for something to replace my '99 Ski of the Year (Volant Ti supers). haven't skied since they were new before this season. Tried the Head Peak 82 and then the Xplorers in 170cm on the recommendation of a local hot-shoe ski shop. Definitely preferred them to the Heads.

Demo'ed at the end of the day, legs were toast, but they gave me back some confidence to make a couple of extra runs. Not sure why, but all day my left ski was giving me fits until I put these on. Suddenly I could turn in both directions equally well. Real easy turn initiation, skiing down some gentle bumps with about 3 inches of loose snow on them I could easily pick my line and turn around or on top of the bumps. Straight and smooth on the fast stuff. Unless I find something better, I'm getting some.


Pros: Quick to turn, great edge grip.

Cons: Could not stay centered in powder with these!

Skied last week at Snowbird with varying trail conditions. I'm 5'6" 175 been skiing for 30+ years and ski everything at Snowbird. These skis were very good on the groomed trails, but way too much work in any powder deeper than 12 inches. They were too stiff,(shovel and tail), culd not stay centered. I felt like it was a constant battle to stay centered. My buddy thought the same thing when he used them. I borrowed his 185 Rossi Bandit 4's and had some fun off of Road to Provo. I wish I had demoed the Sultan 85's first, probably would not have bought them. My final thought, DEMO First!
2010 Dynastar Legend Sultan 85

The '08 Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider replaces the ever popular Legend 8800. The Mythic Rider has a wider tip and tail profile to allow for quicker turns and more versatility than that of the Legend 8800. Excellent float in powder, stability and skiability. This is a one ski do everything ski that loves all snow conditions including hardpack with the Dynastar Autodrive SD technology.

Length165 centimeters
FeatureDimensions: 122-88-110(Turn Radius: 21m @ 178cm)
List Price$760.00
Product GroupSports
TitleDynastar Legend Sultan 85 NEW 09/10 Model, 165cm
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