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2010 Dynastar Contact Limited Ski


Pros: Quick, Responsive, Easy to use, Forgiving (at lower speeds)

Cons: Has a speed limit, Needs supervision

The (2007-2008) Dynastar Contact "Limited Edition" (LTD) was the top-end model in the Dynastar Contact line in 2007-2008.  (The 2008-2009 Dynastar Contact 10 appears to be nearly identical to this ski.)  With a 72mm waist, 16m radius (@178cm), and a titanal layer, it can shred anything from solid ice to a foot of powder without batting an eye.


I demoed a number of different skis before settling on these.  What I liked most about the Contacts was their extremely good responsiveness -- whatever you tell them to do, they do, and they do it fast.  They also hold an edge extremely well on hard snow surfaces (which happen from time to time here in New England), and have enough mass to slice through crud or mixed snow conditions without being tossed around.  They are also forgiving of technical flaws while still being capable of making extremely dynamic turns, making them a great learning ski for an intermediate skier looking to improve their carving.  This season (2008-2009) I picked up a part-time job as a ski instructor, and have found these to be great teaching skis.  It's easy to demo any technique from wedge turns up to parallel on them at any speed, and they've held up extremely well to various forms of abuse.


Having had more experience with them this year, I have found a few flaws.  The main problem is that they're not race skis -- at very high speeds they get jittery, especially if you are in the back seat.  If you can keep up with them, you can push them pretty far, but I have a lot of trouble doing that on steeper pitches.  Basically, the faster you are going, the more their responsiveness can start to become a liability.  If you're not right on top of the skis and constantly driving them in the right direction, they will not behave nicely at high speeds.  And, obviously, they are not really built for skiing deep powder -- although I did get to use them a couple times in 6-12" of fresh snow and they did just fine.  They also have not really improved my mogul skiing, although I'm so bad at moguls that I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the skis at this point.


If you are an intermediate to advanced skier looking for a versatile, all-around frontside ski, and you want something that's more forgiving than a race ski but still very responsive, try the Dynastar Contact LTD.


Extremely stable and maneuverable. Great grip on ice, and slices through heavy Spring crud. It is marketed as appropriate for advanced to expert skiiers, and I'd agree with that. It is more forgiving than a race ski would be, and a bit more forgiving than the heavier,stiffer and wider Contact 4x4. But it does reward good technique, (without unduly punishing imprescise technique) and is probably more ski than a low-to mid-level intermediate would be comfortable handling.  


Fabulous value on sale...at full price, not so much.


Pros: good skis theyre fast as heck but dont try to take HUGE air on "em

Cons: A little heavy thats all

 I got the older version of these skis at a local ski swap for 50 bucks. it turns out they are nice fast skis the turning is good cuz" they are parabolic


Pros: very responsive, great ride and very smooth

Cons: Jittery at high speeds in a straight line

For anybody wanting a solid ski that is very versatile on the frontside, this is it.


Pros: quick, very responsive, great edge grip

Cons: none

 Some have listed these ski's shortcomings as not being a race ski.....they are NOT listed as one!! Having skied on Dynastar Omecarve 10's the past several years I gave these a go cause of other's ratings and the price. Just returned from a trip to Loon Mountain & Mount Sunapee in NH and all I can say is that they are exactly what they are supposed to be. I skied in 8 inch powder and very hardpack on the same trip and they handled both beautifully. These are front-side quick carvers and like their predecessors, behave admirably for what they are designed for. Yes, they can be a bit hard to handle at extreme speeds if you are not paying attention, lose your focus and they can throw you but you can't go wrong with this choice if you ski 70% on-piste! Get em and rip up the groomers!!


Pros: Great on piste carver. Can handle some softer stuff.

Cons: none

Picked up a pair of these bad boys with Look PX12 and am very happy.  Makes almost any turn on groomers effortless.  Shorter turns you have to work em a little though.  Can handle some softer stuff, but havent been on them on a nice pow day.  So far very pleased.

2010 Dynastar Contact Limited Ski

The Contacts are built for speed on groomers and in crud like conditions. The Limited is for advanced, elite skiers who want to link perfectly executed turns with power and consistency on all types of terrain and crave the quickness of a carving ski with the versatility of a free ride ski. All Mountain Skis for the expert skier that is 70% on Piste and 30% off Piste

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