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2010 Dynastar Contact 4x4 Ski

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Carving Skis


Pros: Edge control, carving radius, on-groomed stiffness

Cons: NOT for powder(ever), not as suited for moguls

This ski was great when I took it out for a demo this season. Fantastic on groomers, at times I thought I was on a race ski, that's just how well it carves. But also, you don't have to be committed to one type of turn. This will make slalom, GS, or slide turns depending on how you flex the ski and vary pressure to the edges. Its biggest downfall is off-piste, where it took some getting used to. I normally ski moguls by reaching the top of the mogul and then pivoting my skis around their center to complete a turn, but with the 4x4's sidecut you really have to engage the edges and carve through the bumps. Also, they don't seem to have much ability to pop, so definitely not a ski to dabble in the park with. Ski instructors; this is fantastic to teach others with. Overall, this is a ski for those who mainly ski on groomers and dabble off-piste. If it suits your style and you're advanced to expert level, go out and rip with it. Note: the "fluid" binding system does make this ski expensive, but does NOT increase the stiffness.


Pros: Performs like a racing ski and can cover the whole mountain

Cons: Requires good technique

I provided a quick and enthusiastic review of the Dynastar Contact 4X4 in Feb of 2008. A day of deep powder at Snowbasin does not really test a ski the same way boilerplate ice does. Is the ski as good as I reported? A day at Mt Bachelor would provide the answer.


172cm Dynastar Contact 4X4


Where: Skied at Mt Bachelor on 1/16/09.


Conditions: The mountain was machine tilled frozen granular and some boilerplate ice and some moguls were found on a few runs. Blue sky, 25F at dawn, 45F at 3PM.

Conditions were Vermont like with frozen granular. An ice storm hit the mountain last week leaving a shimmering clear blue ice. Carving conditions were awesome due to the effective grooming the night before and the sunny warm temperatures in the forties. The snow stayed cold and firm. The wide runs & moderate slope allow carving from top to bottom.


My specs: 5’ 11", 225lbs. male, 40th season skiing, former USSA & High School 7-day-a-week competitor in New Hampshire, GS & DH specialist.

Skis used in the last 2 years: Fischer RX8, WC RC, WC SC, Progressor, Cold Heat, Watea 84, 94 & 101. Volkl Tigershark 12, AC4 & Mantra. Head Chip Magnum Supershape, Monster 78, 82 & 88. Dynastar Contact 11, Legend XXL and Mythic Rider. Elan Speedwave 14, 999 and 888. Atomic Crimson Nomad. Nordica Mach 3 Power. Many others…

Boots: 2003 Salomon Course (red, 130 flex).


Comments:I skied a 178cm Contact 4X4 last year and the 172cm Contact 4X4 for this review. The Contact 4X4 is capable of the high-edge-angle carving heroics and provided the same edge-grip as the any good laminate construction race carver. However, the real world versatility of the Contact 4X4 is apparent even on firm snow. The ski is simply superior in every way to the much more specialized cheater GS ski.

The ski was comparable to my Fischer Progressor on the firm groomed corduroy, with massive edge-grip. Very easy turn initiation. A ski with very large sweet spot. Turn shape is very versatile. Mid-length turns are no brainers while very tight turns require a very little extra effort. I could bend the front of the ski and produce rapid slalom turns or stay slightly back at higher speeds with no punishment. I could rub my elbows on the snow at the apex of the turns and produce large edge angles on the hard groomed surface. The Contact 4x4 is a true race-carver with 122-75-106mm dimensions.

The ski can be used as a carver and can perform in a wide range of conditions. The 75mm width-at-the-waist provides moderately quick edge-changes but feels a little plush compared to a thinner SL ski. This is a benefit as I was concerned, the ski never feels twitchy and is 100% dependable in a wide range of conditions. Top racers might want faster edge-changes, but free skiers don't need it, IMO. The ski could easily be used for club racing.


Hardsnow skiing confirmed a few points from my Utah review and revised others.

Confirmed: Cheater GS ski performance in a more versatile and user friendly package.

Revised: Stability is very good even in the 172cm size. Grip is superb, even on ice.





Pros: Good edge grip, Forgiving tail, Extremely versatile turn shape

Cons: Not for deep powder!

Have only demoed at this point, and have NOT had them on eastern ice.


Great frontside ski - good edge grip, great for medium radius turns but equally happy at short/long radius turns (just don't expect a SL or GS race ski performance).  Handles itself very well in the bumps for such a good carving ski.  Surprisingly good in soft crud-on-ice as long as you stay centered.  Not for deep powder - but hey, you can't have it all. 


Great ski for your every-day frontside all mountain, all-day ski.  Would be great for instructors on non-powder days!  Somewhere between a 90/10 and a 70/30 ski (80/20?)


Skis long - 172mm is plenty for me at 5'11 160lbs.


Pros: quick, responsive, firm,

Cons: none

 I'd been seeking a lighter, more responsive ski, one that would bend accurately and edge with consistent increasing pressure, a ski that could turn short swing turns out endlessly yet hold on large carving fast turns, a ski that fit my weight (155) and height (5'7), one I could discern my error and joy from.  This ski after two years of usage more than exceeded my expectations.  


This ski Rips!


It digs trenches when you want yet lets you skid turns went you need to!


Pros: Great front-side ski for advanced & experts skiers

Cons: Small sweet spot, not for newbies or wanna-bees

This is a mini-review of the 09-10 Contact 4x4, which I just demoed and purchased from Happy Tunes in Carrabassett Valley, Maine (thanks, Lionel!).

First, some particulars. I'm 51, 180 lbs., with 43 years of skiing experience. I'm a level 8-9 skier who started skiing in Alaska, later skied in the Rockies (Montana, Colorado) and now ski in Maine. I'm returning to Alpine skiing after six years on Telemark gear.

I first tested the Volkl AC30, AC50 and Tigershark 11 Foot as well as the Stockli Cross Pro. The Volkls I liked, the Stockli, not so much. But I was hoping to find a great ski that was also more of a bargain, so I kept looking.

I hadn't planned on skiing the 4x4; I went to Happy Tunes hoping to find a Blizzard Supersonic or Magnum 8.7. No luck. But the 4x4s were on sale. I knew little about them, since the major ski magazines rarely, if ever, mentioned the model. But I remembered good reviews of them on this site. So I picked up a demo pair in 172 cm. I was cautioned that the skis were challenging to many skiers who had trouble finding their sweet spot or were overwhelmed by them. 

The first day's test was on a thick bed of compacted corn snow at about 30 F. Grooming had left a fast, if sometimes grabby, surface. To start, I took the 4x4s on some fast GS runs on steep, expert trails. The skis really surprised me. They are very supple, light and lively. By comparison, the Stockli Cross Pro seemed leaden and uninspiring. But while the 4x4s were light, they weren't lightweights. The 4x4s dropped quickly into long GS turns and held them effortlessly at very high speeds. I could have sworn they were GS race skis. But unlike some GS racing skis I've owned, I didn't have to rupture myself to make the 4x4s stop turning.

And unlike other specialized GS racers, the 4x4s are lots of fun making medium and short-radius turns. They're perfectly happy to skid and hop-turn when you ask them. Granted, they live for fast, carved GS turns. The skis always try to carve. But they don't force you. 

The second testing day was colder and the snow had dried out considerably. The surface was even faster than the first day. By this time, I had dialed in the small sweet spot (just below mid-foot for me). Adopting a wider stance allowed me to really roll up on my edges and get the skis waaaaaay over, which was a blast. I was never able to break the edges loose. My only problem with the 4x4?: the speed. The 4x4s are so much fun when going fast that I kept running out of trail. They kept tempting me to go faster than I should. If high speeds or snow conditions caused the skis to vibrate, all I had to do was increase the pressure on my edges and the vibration ended. The skis simply carved harder.  

I was told that they are popular here with former racers and other experts who want the power and precision of a full-on GS race ski without the narrow performance band. I can see why. Although I don't know about their long-term reliability, I've been told they hold up well. 

Bottom line: the Dynastar Contact 4x4 isn't for beginners or intermediates. But for experts looking for a fast, fun front-side ski, the 4x4s are well worth a test drive.  


Pros: Hip scraping carve ability

Cons: Unstable at high speed

Picked up the '09 on clearance.  172cm (15m).
I'm a former racer and full time race coach.  I had my doubts about moving from a world cup race stock ski, to this "fat" carver.  Bottom line - I am thrilled!  This ski is very fun. It initiates well, digs a trench when pushed hard and holds on like a grappling hook. Unless I find myself competing inside a race course, I doubt I will move back to the race skis. Why would I?


Pros: amazing frontside ski

Great ski!


Amazing frontside performance. Holds and edge amazingly well.


Got the 178 - super stable. Not the greatest in the bumps.


Can be a bit heavy at times.

2010 Dynastar Contact 4x4 Ski

The Contact 4x4 was built for skiers who like the performance of race skis with the versatility of an all mountain ski. With a 75mm waist and a 16m turn radius, the Contact 4x4 is ideal for ripping on-trail while still being able to handle softer snow conditions.

Lengths158, 165, 172, 178, 184cm
Turn Radius16m
ConstructionVertical Sidewall
Core MaterialWood Core with Titanal
Binding SystemLook PX14 Ti Fluid
Binding Included
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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