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2010 Crown Kensho


Pros: Really stable Ski! Just flys through crud like a missle, and I was really pushing them."

Cons: "handled trees pretty well! I just had a little difficulty with really quick turns"

Below is a test report from one of our beta testers from last season. The Kensho has a few slight iterations  to last years beta model 184cm (138-102-117) but this report should provide you with some idea of how the skis perform in less then epic conditions. 

How many skiing days are covered by this Test Report? : 3
Types of snow encountered during the test days  : wet (typically West Coast snow)
Types of snow encountered during the test days  : ice
How would you describe the state of your skis' tuning during the test (note: think edges before you think bases...) : 0
Carve-ability - your skis' ability to hold a carve in a powerful and predictable manner (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 9
Quickness - your skis' ability to quickly enter and exit the carve, change directions, vary turn radius, etc (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 6
Ease - your skis' ease of handling on groomers (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 8
Switch-ability - your skis' ability to be skied backwards on groomers (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 7
Comments - please enter your comments about your skis' performance on groomers here : Dudes! This may be a shortened version of my last update - I think I was logged out before my test report was submitted!! Dah!! Anyways, holds an edge very well on the groomers. Particularly when holding big-ass s-turns at high speed. Very impressed.
Quickness - your skis' ability to quickly change direction and handle the split-second decision making inherent to tree skiing (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 6
Ease - the ease with which you were able to handle your skis in the trees (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 7
Comments - please enter your comments about your skis' performance in the trees here : Not the quickest ski out there. I think this is largely to do with the weight, which I'm not entirely used to.

All things considered, handled the trees pretty well! I just had a little difficulty with really quick turns. Holding a nice big turn is made easy, but switching quickly can be tough.

Little hard to get on edge at times, but this could also be due to me not being used to an extra few cm's of width under-foot.
Floatability - your skis' ability to float in powder (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 8
Stability - your skis' ability to remain stable in difficult snow, i.e. "cut through" crud, chopped up powder, wind affected areas, changing snow, etc (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 10
Comments - please enter your comments about your skis' performance in open, ungroomed terrain here : Really stable ski! Just flys through the crud like a missle, and I was really pushing them.

That's probably my greatest compliment on these skis is their ability to just sail through the crap like nothing else!

Floatability was also really good, although I still feel that I'm too far forward (despite setting the bindings 2 cm's back from centre line). Feel like tips could be farther out ahead of me, and sometimes found the tail a little too long (which may have impeded the quick turning ability).

The tip and rocker really made a difference in being able to hold nice turns in the powder! My tips rarely went under and we were skiing DEEP wet snow at the revy cat-ski trip(like over the knees deep, sometimes waist)
Park-ability - your skis' ability to dominate the terrain park (0 = worst, 10 = best) : -1
Drop-ability - your skis' ability to drop cliffs, cornices, etc. Take air behavior and landing into account (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 8
Bump-ability - your skis' ability to handle moguls (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 6
Hike-ability - your skis' ability to climb up. Think weight, side-slope hold, ability to break trail (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 7
Comments - please enter your comments about your skis' performance in the "others" category here : No park, but the bumps were definitely a little more difficult, given the not as tight turns. But who cares when you can just plow through it all anyways! Love being able to plow through...

Hiking wasn't bad, but again not used to the added weight/length, which I felt sometimes was a bit heavy.
Did you use any other pairs during the test period? : yes
If yes, which pairs (mention make, model, length, year)? : G3, Rapid Transit, 178cm, 2008 model
How would you say the Betas compared to your other skis, in equal snow and terrain conditions? : 1
 Comments - please enter your comments about your skis' comparison to the rest of your quiver here : Obviously the G3's are a much quicker ski (lighter and asymetric edges make for really quick turns) so on this account, the Crown's can't compete.

However, in terms of handling all snow conditions, holding nice big s-turn at high speed, and obviously powder, the Crowns handled just as good if not better! (particularly cutting through the crud).

In fact, going mach 10 down a hill with big turns is more enjoyable on the Crowns, partly because of the added weight and also I think because the edges are symetric! Doesn't throw you off as much.

Originally planned to only use the Crowns for big-pow days, but now thinking they will get equal use to my G3's so that's a good sign of confidence.
How would you rate your Betas in terms of durability and construction quality, at the end of the testing period described in this form? (0 = worst, 10 = best) : 6
Please use the box below to tell us more about your durability and construction quality assessment : Obviously the top sheet has some problems (could be a tough fix with sustainable glues, as they tend to suck) but overall, no problems with construction otherwise!

Was skiing them pretty hard, hit the odd rock (and tree) and no real problems. With the top sheet gone, the next (fiberglass?) layer may become chipped up over time, but that's also because of my crappy skiing (hitting the edges of one ski on the top of the other)
Please use the box below to let us know of any comments, concerns, that haven't been addressed in the form : Hopefully this isn't all a repeat of what I just submitted (Showed me an error, so thought I'd fill it in again real quick), but all in all I'm quite impressed.

Haven't filled out the tester profile section yet, as waiting for my skis to return from their wax and sharpen so I can put the unit # in, but will do so as soon as possible.

Looking forward to trying them again with better edges and hopefully some more snow!


Pros: Multitasking is their speciality. It is just one of thse things, these skis can attack any type of terrain that the mountain can put forth.

Cons: Nothing to say, let's hope it stays that way.

First of all, it is always great to be riding a ski not many people recognises as they are all curious to know their behavior.  Well then here is what I think about them.  They are great on all types of snow, be it fresh champagne POW, crusty ice, or groomers, these skis don't really seem to mind it all.  The Kensho truely is the ''King of the hill''.  By being so confident on all these types of terrains and conditions these skis triumph over others by offering us breath taking performances on all aspect of the mountain.  You owe it to yourself to grab a pair of these skis and just go out there and enjoy skiing.

2010 Crown Kensho

Produced in very limited numbers this season (50 pairs), the 2009/10 Kensho is the natural evolution of the Crown Beta 1.0 thoroughly tested by our team of 35 testers. The Kensho is the ultimate weapon to go fast in all conditions. Bottomless pow, crud, trees, groomers, it is unbelievably precise, powerful and versatile. It's a ski better driven hard, that knows no limits. 2 flex options are available: standard and "stiffer" for even the strongest skiers out there. As with all Crown skis, the Kensho is available with a choice of topsheet graphics, as well as a full custom graphics option.

Lengths190, 175
Dimensions142/106/122, 131/97/112
Turn Radius27m / 23m
Constructionfibreglass / carbon sandwich, UHMW sidewalls
Core Materialmaple
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Infotip mini-rocker, dual-radius technology, custom flex available, custom graphics available
Model Year2010
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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