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2010 Boone Magic Sticks


Pros: lightweight, poppy, versatile enough to venture off-piste yet still destroy the park

Cons: Haven't found any big ones yet.

I've skied on a lot of park skis in my day, and I have to say the Boone Magic Sticks in the freeride width stand out as my easy favorite.  I prefer a little wider ski for park than most people, so the 93mm waist works perfectly for me.  I know a number of people who ski on the 83mm waist ski, and they all have positive things to say as well.  The flex is unbelievable.  Very even throughout the whole ski.  When I first picked up a pair I was worried that they might be too soft for bigger jumps, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they held up wonderfully.  As you flex the ski it gives back more and more, which enables you to ride out things that would've been washed out on a softer ski (comparison: I had Line Anthems the year before last and anytime I landed not perfectly centered over my skis, they just wanted to flex out and wash out, but not the Boones!  Graphics are loud, but tasteful.  Love these skis. 


Next year's graphics also look pretty stunning: 



2010 Boone Magic Sticks

Shred anything, anywhere, from the park to the pow. AVAILABLE LENGTHS 170cm & 180cm TIP/WAIST/TAIL 125mm/93mm/119mm SIDECUT (M) 17.1M CONSTRUCTION Sandwich Super Lightweight Sandwich Construction Technology: Layer 1: High Density PBT with Ultra Print Graphics. Layer 2: Triaxial fiberglass Layer 3: Vertically laminated core – eco-friendly bamboo for extra pop! Layer 4: Triaxial fiberglass Layer 5: 360 wrap steel edge with Rockwell 48 edges Layer 6. Epoxy Resin Layer 7. Sintered P-Tex 4400

Lengths170cm, 180cm
Turn Radius
Core MaterialWe build our skis in small quantities and use bamboo as our core material. Bamboo is great, its nature’s carbon fiber! We use bamboo because it is: * Incredibly light * Extremely strong and durable * A green building material * Amazing flex pattern for ski applications
Recommended Use
Recommended BindingMarker Jester or Rossi FKS
Additional InfoBoone is an independent ski company. We are dedicated to producing high performance skis that our customers love to ride - while remaining focused on our core values of service, quality, and creativity.
Model Year2009/2010
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Park and Pipe Skis › 2010 Boone Magic Sticks